Saturday, November 18, 2006

RIP Ferenc Puskas

Half a decade apart but still remembered for all the goals that he's scored. Sadly passed away yesterday, Puskas is arguably one of the best goal scorers the planet football has ever seen.

He scored 512 goals in 528 matches for Real Madrid.

And 83 times in 84 games for Hungary.

Although we might argue that it's far easier to score in the 60s, but that strike rate is phenomenon. Without doubt, I was taken aback with that sort of stats. In modern time, if a striker's goal vs games rate reaches 50%, he's already considered a prodigy and 'world-class'. What do you say about Puskas then?

Rest in peace, 'Galloping Major'. Your presence is gone, but at least you've left a legacy for the people to remember and something for people to reminisce in time to come.

9 minute clip on Puskas:

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