Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Our Local University Students.... (Off Topic)

Have great sense of humour. And oh, the lecturer is pretty thick skin as well!

Very smart. To capture your attention of course.


ladylala said...

lol. i actually saw that during my finance lecture. the lecturer had nothing better to do so he showed us that vid during the break... not bad huh XD

loveuamy said...

...oh my, how do you guys understand him??? still funny though, lol

Chee Sheng said...

wow, so thats what ppl do in NTU, im jealous of my bro now >.<

over here in US, so far i have an crazily egocentric professor, and a gay prof too!


lala: if only they do it in poly.

loveamy: multicultural country. So we have to try and understand. Hahaha.

Cheesheng: hey your bro's in NTU? So you're in a uni in US? cool. I know there are weird lecturers and profs over there hahaha.

SoccerGuy said...

Haha. I had a good laugh.

Keep them coming. ;)


;) Will try to, of course. haha

Hafiz said...

*Show me your sexy chest hair to make up for your bald hair*

HAHAHAHA if only all lecturers were like that

Chee Sheng said...

my bro left NTU 2 years ago
and yea, im studying in US uni now
in case u were wondering, im psychohare on youtube.


oh! Psychohare! Haha thanks for uploading all those ideos. Very useful ;)