Monday, November 06, 2006

Things You Won't See At The Official Site...

I got this from the Liverpool thread on the F365 forums.

So some of you might know the team went for a go-karting session to build up team spirit and in Momo Sissoko's interview, he mentioned Zenden finished first while he himself got last. Hyypia was a good driver as well. So I've found..

this picture of them, taken during the trip!

Oh and this has to be the most candid picture of Liverpool players.

1. What is Gonzalez and Fowler looking at?
2. What makes Gerrard so happy there?
3. What the hell is Dudek doing?!

Haha, enjoy!


Elia said...

Pepe looks baked in the first pic


Apparently Crouch couldn't join in the fun as he was too tall for the go-karts. HAHAHA

loveuamy said...

2nd pic is on the LFC as well, and i guess someone took it with his cam. love it! i think the club was trying to tell us that the previous squad pic isn't photoshoped - it's real!!! nice


Really? I didn't see. Ah but still I'm sure the background was photoshopped!

Rafa still look serious..

RedsMan said...

Superb pics, shows a different bonding side that the press are not clearly aware of!



They looked like kids from elementary school..haha