Monday, November 06, 2006

The Xabi Alonso Appreciation Post

One of the best passer of the ball I've seen, Xabi Alonso is quickly turning into an indispensible part of Liverpool. His vision, skill, touch and grace is rarely found in modern day footballer and it's even harder to spot one in the Premiership, with Cesc Fabregas the closest comparison.

Looking at Xabi Alonso play might make you reminsce of the good old days when Liverpool totally dominated the domestic front as well as in Europe. The exact carbon copy of a certain Dane named Jan Molby, he's the closest we've ever had albeit the different in size. Alonso did looked a little light-weight when I first saw him donning the Liverpool jersey, but he has improved tremendously as a player as well as the brain of the team. His playmaking ability is certainly second to none and his ability to spot players and then sending a laser guided pass to team mate is what makes him such a popular figure to both the fans and neutrals alike.

Although his form seemed to fluctuate pretty much over the 2 and a half seasons at Liverpool, one cannot take away his accomplishment in the red shirt. In fact, he's one of the players that will forever etched in the fans mind because he seemed to be ever-present in those historic moments.

We're 2-0 down at Craven Cottage against Fulham and he inspired us with the comeback. In the 2005 Champions League finals, he took the decisive penalty and missed, but still managed to put it into the back of the net for Liverpool's miraculous equaliser. 2006 FA Cup against Luton when we're pretty much destroyed by a Coca Cola Championship team, he inspired with the 40 yard shot and that memorable goal from his own half.

But the one incident which I'll remember him for would be Liverpool vs Everton at Anfield last season. Our skipper, Gerrard, was sent off and when players were needed to stood up and be counted, he turned on with the best performance by far and led Liverpool to victory over the bitter rivals. 10 men against 11 was never gonna be easy, but he was so inspired that he did two men's job.

I've always mentioned to my pals that I suspect Alonso has an eye at the back of his head. As a deep lying playmaker, his role will be to link up the defence with the rest of the team and the physical side of the English game makes his role much more difficult than ever. You could see game after game, he got harried and pressurised by opposing players, but he never put a wrong foot in. Always so composed and graceful, he's always so aware of the surrounding and player positions.

As Alonso continues to grow in stature and move a step into Liverpool's record books, people at has unveiled a video montage of the pass-master from Spain. He will be making his 100th appearance for Liverpool soon and he has came a long way. But I'm sure his future will still be at Liverpool and will have much more to offer than what we've seen.


Elia said...

Well said nice post.Didn't Real offer 20 mil or something for him this past summer?thats something they lack quality Spanish players,but they won't get this one.


Yea, we made some sort of a last itch deal for him like Sissoko. Well, he wanted to work with Rafa and clearly he has made a good choice.

Emma said...

I love Alonso. Love, love, love him.


my female friend said his neck is too thick to be hot :D

RedsMan said...

Superb footage of a player some pessimistic LFC 'fans' say is rubbish this season. We know what he, Bellamy, Gerrard, Garcia and Pennant can do yet those same fans continue to bite and ridicule instead of support (such a misnomer) and encourage. I hope he can be just as influential today.



His form has been in question, but he often turns up at the right place and right time. He's still only 24-25 so there's much to improve for him.

Let's hope he doesn't 'slip' and mistime tackle on an Arse player.