Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Not gloating at the United fans, but what a brilliant freekick from Nakamura. You do the Asians proud my friend (although I do not have much love for the Japoonese)

So good that he scored twice against United with his wonderful left foot.


Elia said... love for the JaPOOnese anyways,that was a quality free kick.I noticed after the match Celtic fans did a good job with YNWA.I wouldn't mind seeing Liverpool play them in the knockout stages.


Haha, yea I call them Japoonese. No offence though. Celtic is sort of like a Liverpool in SPL I guess. The Catholic background etc.

ladylala said...

still don't like nakamura. i still remember he scored against my australia!

but i cheer for anyone who scores against utd though.


Haha I thought he was girl's dream. Long hair..small eyes...fits into those Teenage drama...oops HAHA.