Saturday, November 25, 2006


This few days I've seen a surge in the amount of visitors on here. Not much idea why, but just to say welcome!

Okay anyway this a message to EVERYONE who's reading this. I need a feedback from you guys as to how I can improve the website. Maybe you would like to see a new feature such as goal of the week or player of the month sort of thing, please feedback to me because as a blogger I feel that it's important for all of us to communicate to each other and it's my job to ensure everyone enjoy their stay over here.

Yea, so email me or drop a comment? Thank you guys for the support. Much appreciated.


Meg said...

You can kill me for never commenting, I heart this site but am too lazy to comment. It's good to hear from a Liverpudlian in Asia, la'! I'm from India, and although I'm slightly better off with the time zone thing than you are (only a bit of Spanish football and a few CL matches exceed my curfew), I completly understand how irritating it can be sometimes to be a footie fan in Asia. Especially in India, when everyone's so cricket mad! Ha, I have some suggestions (can I try and design an alternative banner? please?) but I'm really brainwarped right now.
Anyway, 'mazing site! Keep it up! (And some funny shit you got there!)


Hey meg, it's alright to be lazy and not comment. I think most people don't and sometimes I do that too! Yea anyway it's has been a struggle at first to wake up at 2/3 am in the morning to watch games but it has since became a habit and also a norm in our country already. So it's okay, that will show those English that we can still support the team with all our heart just like them although we're miles away from them.

Thanks for your compliment anyway. See you around!