Monday, November 20, 2006

Since You Lot Has Given Up....

Xabi Alonso believes the doom and gloom engulfing Liverpool has already all but scuppered their hopes of competing for the Premiership title.

Another below par performance from The Reds in a goalless draw at Middlesbrough on Saturday evening means the team trail leaders Manchester United by 16 points after just 13 matches.

A run of just two points from 21 available away from home has left their title hopes hanging by a thread.

Alonso admits he would be able to see a light at the end of the tunnel, were it not for the negativity pervading the Anfield dressing room.

"The fight for the title is getting more and more difficult for us," said Alonso.

"Not just because of the points difference but because of the atmosphere I see at the club.

"I see pessimism and in that respect it is going to be very hard to come back.

"We can't put three straight wins together and are unable to transmit the spirit of Europe to league games.

"I don't know if it is something psychological but we are very annoyed."
As a fan, I've remained positive thus far, defending players, defending Rafa's tactics and remain optimistic about the season although it has been pretty sh*te. But since players has already been coming out and throwing in the towel, what hope is there?

If you people want to give up, please at least score a goal in an away game or even better, win one. After that you bananas can go on and do whatever you want.


huda said...

never in my life i will hate alonso -but i'm strting to hate him---arghh!!!!!
hopefully his english is bad tho...
and yeah all lfc players they need to go for motivational class ...if not!!
dun they noe how their fans sing wif their hearts out n clear for the boro's match!!!!???!!!???i'm out now to brust out my anger b4 anithing happens here!!!!

Shaun Lung said...

Yup....Rafa needs to get anthony robbins to motivate the squad.


Don't think it's anything to do with Alonso actually. The whole team's morale is down and who can blame him. But of course that's the price to pay for starting the season so slowly that it's already near the end of November and the season is already in shambles.

About the squad morale, I think a few wins will do them good, including an away win some time soon.

Chee Sheng said...

just as we all "suspected" (sure, we "didnt" know the players were really LOW on morale right now)
Alonso, it's time to score more of those catapults bro! it's only November! keep the balls rolling brudders!