Monday, December 18, 2006

Drogball's Weekly Thoughts

Another great weekend for the Liverpool fans and also the title race looked to have blown wide open suddenly. ManYoo seemed to have ran away with it but just a weekend that doesn't go their way, the tide is turning in favour of Chelski, fast.

Hammered By The Irons

ManYoo's loss at Upton Park might be quite a significant one and IF United really screws up big time and hands the title to Chelsea again, then Sir Fergie will surely look back to this week and think about what it could've been. Curbishley, the man appointed to assume the helm of his fallen counterpart, Alan Pardew, ended his Charlton career losing to ManYoo @ Old Trafford but won his first game in charge against the same team and getting a totally different result. As I've opined earlier last week that he IS the one to bring West Ham forward, it's looking good for the Hammers. But still early days, because a long and tough Christmas period is ahead and if the Hammers couldn't push on, they might find it too little too late, too soon.

Chelski Gets Upperhand

United's lost, Chelski's gain. They've beaten a hardworking Everton team at Goodison Park with some outstanding goals scored to spare the reigning champion's blushes. The absence of John Terry might be a significant one as to how Chelsea will cope without their captain. Khalid Boulahrouz lived up to his reputation as a 'Cannibal' with his constant 'man-handling' of the Everton players and giving away a needless penalty.

His push on Andy Johnson went unpunished and that incident allowed Mourinho's verbal diarrhoea to work up again. As predictable as ever, went on to rant about how Johnson dived and such. Well, it's a hypocritical world and we know, there are kettles and pots around. Just that some are the bigger pots.


For the second week running, he scores a brilliant volley. This time round past Mad Jens Lehmann. I don't have to hint McClaren more, eh.

Footballers Acting Like Man Shocker

The incident happened when Wigan's Lee McCulloch planted his elbow into Sheffield United's Chris Morgan's eyes. Firstly, commendable for Lee to go up to Morgan and said 'sorry' to him. As they say sorry seemingly the hardest word to say (especially as a footballer), it was very nice of him indeed. Then you have the victim saying he forgives Lee for his action and not take it to heart. Reminds me of the Pedro Mendes vs Ben Thatcher incident. It's nearing Christmas and let's forgive and forget, shall we?


SubtleBlade said...

Fine sentiments; but it was a right hook from McCulloch, the elbow in Morgan's face was from Angel in our last match, vs. Villa.

ladylala said...

MATTY TAYLOR is my new boyfriend!
umm... an addition to one of my manys. harry still remains number 1, but i can have a fling while he's not around!

eeks, with every stylo goal he scores, i just want to kiss him more. XD


Indeed, I heard he got elbowed twice in a week. :)

Hahaha don't anyhow hor! Later Harry invites his gang of kangaroos into your house...

ladylala said...

kangaroos are all my frens loooo
anyway harry wont mind lah. he is already having an affair wif another woman! boo! even haf two kids wif her! haha


And that woman is so fugly... :p