Wednesday, December 20, 2006

What A Match!

Okay, not really.

Over here in Singapore, 48 hours of torrential rain and flooding up to waist level in some areas. Over at Anfield, seemed like the water over here condensed and floated it's way there and the match got cancelled. For fans halfway round the world like us, it's the most disappointing thing because waking up at 3.30am is no easy feat and to find out the match got cancelled is a big disappointment.

Whatever it is, what a sight! Ever seen Anfield so misty before?

Credits to GettyImages


Hafiz said...

dangg .. i woke up for nothing ..

Elia said...

When is the make up date?


Liverpool's Carling Cup quarter-final tie against Arsenal will now take place on Tuesday, January 9th 2007 at 7.45pm.