Thursday, December 21, 2006

Messi Speaks Out

Barcelona winger Lionel Messi reckons Liverpool will be scared stiff going into their Champions League clash with the Spanish champions.

The 19-year-old, who is targeting the fixtures for his return from injury, believes his side are firm favourites to progress into the quarter-finals.

"Any rivals are dangerous in Europe at this time but Liverpool are a team that can be beaten by Barcelona. Lyon are the most difficult today," said Messi.

"I expect an open game because the English play without defensive caution and with a style similar to Barcelona.

"Sincerely, I believe Liverpool are worried about playing against us because we are the champions of Europe and that strikes fear in any rivals.

"I desire to travel to Liverpool with much work done and holding an advantage to qualify for the next round.

"A 2-0 or 3-0 score will be perfect for Barca.

"Always, we need to not concede a goal in Camp Nou to avoid problems at Anfield."

The Argentinean admits having a Spanish contingent could work in Liverpool's favour.

He said: "The Reds are a peculiar team. They play in England but the style of the coach and many of the players is nearly Spanish. This will be an extra problem for Barcelona."

Is it me, or does anyone lost a little of your respect for that little winger. Yes, he's currently one of the most promising star for the future and the closest thing to Maradona in that long list of 'Next Maradona'.

Well I guess you have to play us before you learn to respect us. Thinking about us being pushovers and that might just be the first step into oblivion. In a war, once complacency seeps into the team, it might just be the catalyst of the failure.

So now, I'm looking forward to this match even more because of comments like that. I hope Gerrard & Co. prove them wrong, big time.

2-0 or 3-0 will be a perfect score for Liverpool. COME ON!


Anonymous said...

I used to love Leo Messi. Not just for his talent, but his attitude on and off the pitch.He was always humble and selfless, for the most part atleast.
Now, I have lost a lot of the respect I had for him. He was practically throwing a party because he doesn't even CONSIDER Liverpool even a MINOR challenge!
Ugh. I really hope overconfidence leads him to a fall.
The worst part? I'm an Argentine fan.

huda said...

Argh-*heart broken*
How can he?-even if iM a fan of him n argentina...think hes no one 4 me even if hes talented-I HATE THOSE COCKY PEeps

WHO is he sia!!!!!



Hey anon, I'm not a real follower of the Spanish League and therefore don't really know Messi. Well, to me he's alright but then speaking out this way is pretty much a challenge to the Liverpool players and I hope they take it well. In football sometimes footballers talk too much and then go on to have the egg on face situation and I hope Gerrard and Co. makes it happen.

Huda: Pride is the first step to downfall. :)