Thursday, January 04, 2007

January Transfer Window

The window has opened for a couple of days already and it has been rather quiet. But it was not of any surprise as teams usually don't go around signing big name players or pay over the odds during this period of time due to the UEFA ruling of a player not being able to play for 2 different clubs in the Champions League.

That made a lot of teams shun the transfer window and either go for cheaper alternatives or just like Arsenal, do nothing at all.

With DIC's takeover impending, there are rumours flying all around about how we'll get David Beckham in or those really ridiculous transfer rumours. If you know how to filter away all those rubbish and take out those with a little bit of truth or at least logical to make any sort of sense, there isn't a lot and I don't think Rafa will go all out this January either. But here are some of the players that are ''rumored'' to join Liverpool during this window or in the near future.

David VILLA (Valencia) - 25 Million GBP & Above

Ha! A top class striker linked with Liverpool. He was even spotted at the Director's box on New Year's Day during the match against Bolton. Must be coming right?

Well, perhaps not. Or should I say, not SO soon. I can't see him coming to Liverpool during this very transfer window and if the sources (the very accurate poster on forums) are true, he will only join in the summer. How much or how, I don't know.

But definitely a very good striker and IF he's really on his way then, wow, let's hope he's not going to be another Fernando Morientes or even worst, Andriy Shevchenko.

Chance: ~20% in the summer. 0% for now. I can put my house down and bet with you.

Lucas NEILL (Blackburn) - 3 to 5 Million GBP

The Australian defender has been linked with us for quite some time already. After a brilliant World Cup display, he has been pretty consistent in the Premiership as well and the advantage of having him is his versatility. He can play across the back four and is not afraid to put his foot in.

Just sometimes, he put his foot in at the wrong time and he has a tendency to break people's legs. He will need to kowtow to Jamie Carragher before he can be welcomed into the Liverpool family.

Just kidding of course.

Chances: Around 70%. Of course we'll have competition from Newcastle and other clubs but I think he'll rather join us than some random team that won nothing for the past 50 years. Only downside is he won't be promised a first team slot which he MIGHT not like. Who knows?

Ashley YOUNG (Watford) - 5 Million GBP & Above

To be in the Optim Top 25 player is honourable and this young man has impressed thus far. He's a young winger from newly promoted Watford and is capped for England U-21. His style is pretty much similar to Jermaine Pennant but the only difference is he score goals. 5 goals for a struggling team is decent for a player of his age and he might provide Rafa another option on the right wing and his arrival will means Gerrard won't be played on the right anymore!

I haven't watched him too much but I won't mind him joining us. He's young and promising. But as English players always are, they are overpriced. Another thing that concerns me is should Liverpool go for players like Young or should we go all out for proven qualities like Daniel Alves or even Ricardo Quaresma of Sporting Lisbon.

It remains to be seen whether he is yet another one season wonder or he will turn out to be a future star. If he's not overpriced, I'm willing to give him a chance.

Chance: 40%. We are not the only team chasing the youngster. Watford reportedly rejected bids from 3 clubs and he must be the player on demand. But the 5million GBP price tag is a little steep for him I reckon.


Roberto Ayala: Do we still need another centre-back? Think we have adequate cover.

Matthew Upson: See above.

Javier Mascherano: Only reason for him coming is that Zenden's Liverpool career is over. We haven't had the chance to see the real quality from him as he hasn't been able to settle in the West Ham side and only played around 400 minutes of Premiership football. He's obviously talented but isn't given the chance to shine YET.

David Beckham: Hah, don't be silly. It's all pillocks.


Massina said...

Come on... Beckham + Crouch = Teh Win.

We thrive on long balls, like when Xabi and Gerrard are generous, and nobody can deny the genius of Beckham in long balls.

But true, I can't see it happening. I wish it, though.

psychohare said...

Rafa wont get Beckham, unless he joins coz of Bosman ruling...
sorry, but im no Back-ham fan. I prefer fresh blood, i want Alves!


I heard from reliable sources that Liverpool had a board meeting last night to decide whether to go ahead for a loan move for Mascherano and getting Lucas Neill. More to follow!

Hafiz said...

Nor alam shah

loveuamy said...

Villa was there!!!??? my word! love him but...i'll miss Crouchy's over-head kick and that long lags..