Friday, January 05, 2007

We Are The Most Relaxed Fans?

LIVERPOOL fans were today named as the most relaxed supporters in the country.

The Anfield club's followers were labelled the least stressed, according to a survey by Littlewoods Football Pools.

The worst football teams to follow were Notts County. And Portsmouth have the most stressed fans of a current Premiership club side, followed by Manchester City and Watford.


It comes after the ECHO revealed new figures which showed the full extent of ill-health suffered by fans at the region's football grounds over the last four years.

Since 2002, paramedics have been called into action to treat 66 fans at Anfield, 35 at Goodison and 24 at Prenton Park.

During a period which saw the Reds win several trophies, seven fans collapsed with chest pains and six with other symptoms.

Drogballs: Seriously? I don't think we should be the most relaxed fans out there because every single time Liverpool get into a major cup final we always almost f**ked it up and always needing some miracle to claw ourselves back in face of defeat. And by that I don't expect Liverpool fans to sit back and relax on their couch without having some major heart attack or peeing in their pants.

Being Liverpool fans are stressful, man. You have to listen to rubbish commentators going on about how we sucked at 'Zonal marking' for set pieces which is totally boll**ks and the press going on about how Rafa tinkered too much or Gerrard should never be found anywhere on the wings.

Oh yes, and that McKenzie guy for spouting rubbish about us. Relax? I think not!

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