Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Not So Happy New Year, Boys....

Hossam Ghaly got smacked in the face by former Spurs defender, Noe Pamarot, who in turned got the karma and limped off with a thigh injury. Well, that smack in the face cost Ghaly to lose a grand total of...4 teeth.

All you want for Christmas is your two front teeth x2. You'll get what you want, then. Just that you'll have to wait for almost another 11 months.

And thoughts going out to Antti Niemi of Fulham. He sustained a horrific neck injury playing against Watford but thankfully the injury was not as serious as him on his way of becoming a vegetable. Good 'keeper, I reckon. Get well soon.


Elia said...

Ouch!,thats gotta suck

BTW don't you mean teeth?


Oh yes perhaps I was typing too fast (as usual) :D