Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Last Day Transfer Fury

It's so fast that I can't keep up as well. So today, depending on which newspaper you read (or wants to read), we have either signed Javier Mascherano on a 18 month loan or we're totally not going to get him due to FIFA's regulation. According to 'The Daily Mail':

Javier Mascherano Done Deal?

Liverpool have announced the signing of Javier Mascherano from West Ham in an 18-month loan deal that has bent football's rules.

Mascherano, who was deemed not good enough for West Ham's relegation battle by Alan Curbishley, will be thrust into Liverpool's Champions League campaign instead.

The signing is reward for Liverpool's patience.

If it's true, then great news. I don't know what's stopping a top class player from playing for West Ham. Perhaps the complication in his contract which makes West Ham seemed reluctant to let him start a game although we clearly know he is class and by the performance he has put up during the World Cup, surely a team in the relegation mire will want him?

We'll see. Is Rafa thinking of pushing Gerrard out wide again? Or does this signals the end of Bolo Zenden's Liverpool career? I hope it's the latter of course due to Gerrard's excellent form in the middle of the park together with Alonso, dispelling the doubt of the pair not being able to play together.


Deportivo La Coruna defender Alvaro Arbeloa is excited by the prospect of a move to Liverpool.

The 24-year-old will travel to England on Tuesday to agree terms with the Reds after Deportivo and Liverpool reached a verbal agreement on his permanent transfer to Anfield.

"Until this morning [Tuesday], I wasn't sure whether I was going to leave or not," said Arbeloa in a press conference.

"My agent told me the deal was very advanced and I was then told that the deal had been reached between both clubs.

"I am happy that Deportivo will take double the amount of what they paid for me, I am grateful to them and I know my departure will help the club.

"For me this is a beautiful challenge and I hope everything goes well.

"It's a huge leap for me."

Arbeloa, who joined Deportivo in a £1.3million deal from Real Madrid last year, has made 20 league appearances this season.

Seemed like Rafa's fetish of bringing in his fellow Iberians is working up again. This time it's someone unknown even to a Football Manager addict like me. I've never heard of him at all. But first of all, let's hope it's not another Josemi or Jan Kromkamp. We need someone to actually challenge Steve Finnan rather than another panic buy.

Duran Duran?

Liverpool are set to acquire the services of promising Spanish midfielder Francis Duran from second division team Malaga.

The 18-year-old will travel to Liverpool on Tuesday and is expected to sign a professional contract with the Reds, according to the Spanish media.

"It's a unique opportunity and I couldn't let it go by," Francis told the Spanish press.

Apart from his very...musically inclined name, it's yet another youngster from Spain. How many of them actually turn out to be as good as Fabregas? Hmm, not much. But at least Rafa is willing to give it a try and why not, not as if we're going to lose a whole load of money.

I know, it's hard to catch up. With rumours flurrying around like a tornado, it's still best to wait and hear from the official site. Will keep you updated, my friends :)


psychohare said...

check out the comments by a couple forummers who know about our new defender (still cant remember his name, my bad)

from what they say, he seems to be pretty good. Former Real Madrid B team, helped them to promotion. Versatile, plays everywhere in defense, like to bring the ball up. and hes WAYYY younger than Lucash Neill... which is what i like best, youth is golden! Depor had to sell him, coz they are in bad financial shape.

MASCHERANO! MASCHERANO! i like this dude, dunno why, but Momo and he will be fighting, since they play in the same position... could this mean that Rafa would convert one of them into an attacking midfielder? well Momo's energy would be a great asset there, and furthermore, the first time i saw him in FM 2005, he was an AMC.
only time will tell...


Haha all these years of playing FM I've never heard of him, honestly. But then we all heard of Shevchenko then why is he so shit?

Heh, hopefully so. From the Red and White Kop forums, there was a link to the Deportivo forums and many were fuming due to the sale of Arbeloa. Seemed like he's their best defender this season.

Momo as attacking midfielder?! Must be kidding! He can't hit a cow's arse with a bloody banjo! I think Masch and Alonso are the similar type of player so he'll provide us cover for Alonso as well as keeping Xabi on his toes.

Chee Sheng said...

ah, i guess u're right, Rafa plays with 2 DMCs.... i forgot...
Juve was really strong with 2 DMCs too... i remember me bro (huge Juve fan) telling me that they used to be so dominant playing with 2 DMCs, although i cant remember their names... but i remember one of them was French...
Then Capello used 2 DMCs to great effect too... Vieira and Emerson...

im not sure whether there are other teams doing the same, coz i cant be bothered with weak teams... Liverpool is obviously too much for me to handle already :p