Friday, February 02, 2007

Reds Sign Huth.....

I think many Reds fan might have a shock of their lives when they read that line of words appearing on the official site. That Boro defender that used to be at Chelsea and used as a striker when Chelsea are losing?

Breathe easy. Again, Rafa extends his hands out to the South American, purchasing some players that we've never heard of but might have a chance of making into the team. Considering the unlimited amount of football talents over there, it's no surprise why we're setting out sights there instead of England, which to me, is like a miniature pond.

Prices have been ridiculously steep for players nowadays, especially those from England. A footballer with some talents will cost around 2million GBP. If you're hyped up by one of the major tabloid newspaper, your price will jump around 3 folds to 6 million. If you're English, it'll add around 4 million and now it's suddenly 10million.

And when Chelsea steps into the bidding war, game over.


Liverpool have announced the signing of Paraguayan defender Ronald Huth.

The 17-year-old has penned a two and a half year deal after agreeing to leave Tacuary FC in his homeland for a new career on Merseyside.

Despite being born in Paraguay, Huth holds an Italian passport.

He completed his move to Anfield ahead of Wednesday night's transfer deadline.
Good luck, hope you make it.

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