Thursday, February 01, 2007

You Must Wait To Get The Best

That line above sums up everything about Liverpool, isn't it? Once again, we're made to wait for not one, but two decisions, right at the eleventh hour. Both Javier Mascherano and Dubai Int. Corporation (DIC) are the losers of this round as one was made to wait along with Liverpool while the other one threw tantrum and left when they faced challenge from US billionaire, George Gillett.

Wait For Javier

Liverpool's protracted bid to sign West Ham midfielder Javier Mascherano has been drawn out further by the Premier League's decision to look more closely at the details of the transfer.

The Argentina midfielder was given special dispensation by world governing body FIFA to complete the transfer despite already played for two clubs competitively this season - the Hammers and Brazilian club Corinthians.

Liverpool submitted the player's registration documents to the Premier League ahead of the midnight transfer deadline but they cannot, as yet, call the player their own.

"The Premier League can confirm that, in accordance with its rules, Javier Mascherano's registration documents were received from Liverpool FC prior to the transfer window closing," said a statement from the Premier League.

"While Liverpool have met the required deadline the Premier League Board, consistent with its powers in this matter, has decided to take time to satisfy itself with the proposed arrangements before the registration can be effected and the player permitted to play for Liverpool FC.

"The board will consider the terms of the registration as quickly as possible and notify the parties involved of its decision accordingly.

Something which I cannot agree with and baffled. Right, so after a month of 'discussion', FIFA decides to let us go ahead with the signing of Mascherano from West Ham on loan. It's controversial as it's an exploit of the loophole in the 'rules' of the game as a player is not supposed to play for more than 2 clubs in a year. We had a point to argue and we made ourselves clear. Fair enough.

So it took FIFA around 30 days before they gave us an answer and by then, we had to submit the case to FAPL and now again, another 'investigation'. If the world football governing body has already dispensate the case, why do they need another round? Trying to show who's big daddy here?

Miles and miles of red tapes. Time wasted. A player's career I'm talking about here. Javier haven't played since December 8 and why? I don't know. Perhaps the shady company that owned him has the answer.

What to do? Wait, la.

Wait For Takeover

Boy A likes Girl A and his love reciprocated. But in comes Girl B and Boy A seemed impress by her. Seen talking to the new Girl B, Girl A got jealous and let with a note saying "Hope you have great fun with your new girl." and then a "hmmpf!" at the end of it.

Sounds familiar? Read the DIC statement on their decision to pull out of the deal.

"As businessmen, we move on. As fans, we hope that the new owners would share the same vision as we had for LFC."
It's really how you interpret their statement. Some thinks they're nice enough to say good luck. But then again, read between the lines, you could sense a little anger and annoyance. I could understand. To me, their CEO, Samir Al-Ansari seemed like a nice person with a passion for the Reds. Sadly, due to unforeseen circumstances, the board decided to reject the bid from them and out they went.

I'm disappointed, as you can see from my previous post. But then again I have to make myself clear that the post yesterday was more of a knee-jerk reaction (we all do, don't we?). Sometimes we just jump to conclusion to quickly and never really take a look at the bigger picture.

I cannot say I've seen the bigger picture, actually not much have been made available for fans, but I still believe Parry and Moores KNOWS what they're doing. And what can we do as fans? Trust in our board I guess. Nothing much we could do. Only the insiders know what's going on and the people on the outside like us, could only speculate all day lay blames and pointing fingers.

CEO RickParry has appealed to the fans to trust the board
and I still think they know what they're doing. Not much have been known about this new American billionaire since he seemed to be in and out of the picture all the time and his didn't gain as much publicity as the DIC.

Even the FA Premier League Chief, Brian Barwick came forward and said about how clubs now have befallen into the hands of foreigners and has reinstated that clubs are not a passive thing but something that many have their lives attached to. He spoke as a passionate Liverpool fan and said "don't mess with the club I love".

And again, all we can do is, WAIT. Hopefully, not for long.


psychohare said...

'When the club was talking to the DIC the conversations were good, but if the board decided to change, maybe they think the new people are better. I trust the board,' Benitez said.
if Rafa trusts the board, so do i, coz i trust Rafa.
I shall believe that the board was bullied by DIC, it's obvious to support and believe Liverpool rather than some outsider like DIC.

Gillett seems to be pretty serious this time round. Proposal in 3 days, no more groundshare... sounds alright so far. Hes also a billionaire, owns an American football franchise... so he obviously knows how to own a sports franchise... but he has declared bankrupt before....

I'm not having too high expectations now... without a new owner we can still do well, but the takeover is primarily for getting money for that new 60k stadium...

I'm patient, and they have alot of time to settle the takeover stuff... coz the next transfer market only opens in July 1st... they have tons of time to think this over..

Anonymous said...

If DIC were ready to wipe out debt, pay for new transfers and fund a new stadium, I cannot imagine Parry and Moores settling for less than that, it's business suicide.

I expect that there is a much more interesting offer on the table from Gillett.

DIC's reaction seems to be that of a bidder that found out their offer was going to be beaten, was not going to offer anymore and wanted to save face by forcing us to accept their bid or them leaving. Moores and Parry were right to tell them that they wanted extra time, that's the whole point of the process, to make sure you get the right investor.

Only time will tell.


Now it has emerged that Gillett as asked a fellow American business man to join in the bid.

Yes, they are right to have a look at other offers because as far as Moores is concern, it's selling his family jewel and he won't want to sell it without considering all the options.

DIC might have gotten impatient and therefore the breakdown.