Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Dudek Speaks Out - 'We Betrayed Rafa'

Sounded apologetic, isn't it? Finally, one of the players spoke out and although I'm still not entirely convinced that this is the 100% of the story, we can be quite sure the media have blown the story out of proportion again. Surprise?

According to a report written based on Liverpool goalkeeper, Jerzy Dudek's website, they admitted that the players let Rafa down but they have seriously done nothing wrong, except for making too much noise at ungodly hour and returning back to the hotel 'few minutes late'.


Obviously, I've mentioned that what you read on newspaper are not always 100% accurate and comparing this article to those published few days back about how Robbie Fowler and Jerzy Dudek were handcuffed after they went on a rampage after having too much of a drink, it's certainly seemed like heaven and earth.

Percentage of news over-blown: Around 120%.

Serves a warning, that not everything you read are the absolute truth. There are always people and reports out there to step on people when they're down and out and stir up unnecessary tension among people.

And you wonder why the England national team is in it's current state. It's hard to to pull in this very example as to how a team can be absolutely destroyed by tabloid newspaper. I'm not pointing the full finger at them, but you should be aware that they're part of the problem.

They'll always be the first to hype up a certain someone and when that player starts to do something they deemed not proper, they'll always be the first to cast their stone.

The tabloid culture in England is seriously harming the game in an indirect way and I think we could all see it. Major stories, blah. They're just usual marketing ploy. What's new?


8ball said...

We got the Masch potato!

Finally. The Premier League pull their fingers out!


Yes, indeed. After such a LONG time, we finally get him.