Monday, February 19, 2007

Road To Wembley........NOT

"Road to Wembley", proclaimed the FA Cup organisers. They promised that the FA Cup final for 2007 will be played at the new Wembley stadium. But surprise, it will NOT be ready.

So the Road To Wembley is officially off tracked.

According to government reports, the Wembley Stadium will not be ready in time for the FA Cup final in May, despite the promise by the English FA to hold the finals at the stadium that cost 793 million GBP.

"Alternative arrangements are having to be made. The building work will be finished, but the critical issue is the safety certificates.

"The FA are going to have to announce it in the next couple of weeks. That will mean the Cup Final will be played in Cardiff again."
First and foremost, it is important to consider that this stadium had been touted to open in 2006 and at the same time last year, the FA too, said that the stadium will be ready for FA Cup 2006. Rewind it a year on and it's still the same.

You know, the FA just kind of mirror the England national team. Clueless and disorganised.

A so called 'world class' stadium that got delayed for more than a year and paying that sort of money for it. You're having a laugh. A normal stadium would cost 200 odd million GBP and how on earth did that cost skyrocket to almost 800 million GBP is beyond me. Wasteful. Now throw those money back into the youth academies and perhaps, people like Terry Venables won't have to say anything about it anymore.

Of course, it's not recommended for the stadium to be used for the FA Cup finals when you're jeopardising the lives of the people if the stadium is deemed not safe enough. Now, it seemed like the FA bigwigs really have to bury their head in the sand. Broken promises, sounds like the England team as well!

Anyway, I could never comprehend why they bother to build such a massive structure with absolutely stunning interior for a team that's so dull and colourless. Talk about irony. Wembley, the perfect example.


psychohare said...

well it's prolly coz the FA is so crappy which explains why the England National team is equally pathetic. They need a major revamp, all the "Sirs" are pretty much useless ppl...

R said...

Apparently there was a quarrel of sorts between Bellamy and Riise during their training Portugal.


Although we're quite sure something went on but always take these tabloid news with a pinch of salt. Take around 30% of what they say and you'll get the truth.

They mentioned 'Rafa was there to break up the fight' but then the truth is Rafa's not even with them in Portugal. So believe at your own risk.