Thursday, March 15, 2007

New Anfield To Be Bigger Than Expected?

Good news, my fellow Liverpool fans. According to reports, new owner, Tom Hicks and George Gillett, have suspended the work of the new purposed Anfield and ordered a review of the plans.

Of course, it's not putting a stop on the project but rather, an increase of seatings at the stadium. That's what the reports choose to believe as it seemed like the most possible option.

To me, if they are really reviewing it to make New Anfield bigger, then it'll certainly be welcomed. Because I fear that 60,000 is NOT enough for Liverpool. Even Old Trafford is 70,000 and why should we have a smaller ground that the one we're looking to catch up with?

But realistically, it's impossible to build a mega stadium at Stanley Park due to the City Council and the space constraints. From what I understand, the space isn't very big and it's not possible to build a stadium that holds, let's say, 90,000. That's unrealistic.

It looked to me like they're increasing to around 70-75k and that's reasonable, considering the fact that there are 20-30 thousand fans still on the waiting list for season tickets, I think that number is the most realistic of all. Although that could also mean something...

New Anfield will be delayed for perhaps, a few years. To me, the better! Then I'll have a chance to visit Anfield before they move out. It's always my wish to go to Anfield for a pilgrim.



psychohare said...

yea, i always thought that 60k would be too little... coz we are getting a new stadium! not an improvement! i mean arsenal went from 35k to 60k...
70k would be a good number, but it would be best if the stadium has space available for future modifications.
well good news for me!

J said...

ahhahaha i agree! i want to see Anfield bbefore they make hte new stadium! i think they shouldn't leave! what if the new one sdeosnt' hat that "vibe"? the feel? =O. we're losing such a huge heritage!

=( but yeah. i'm hopefully going to make it to anfield before Alonso leaves (if he does at the edn of his contract but i sincerely hope not >_<)


It's hard not to leave and at the same time, compete on the same level with United and the rest of Europe. We have to move on and perhaps, not get too nostalgic and I've full faith that the two owners will help to recreate the new Anfield to its optimum best and no worries about atmosphere, I think the Kopites are more than able to create it.