Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Premiership's Overrated XI

Was reading through CaughtOffside and came across this article on Premiership's Most Overrated XI. Well, everyone have their own opinions and views so I'll let you have a look at my team of overrated and overpaid footballers.

Goalkeeper: Paul Robinson (Tottenham)

It's hard to pick an overrated goalkeeper as they are only 20 or so of them to pick from but I think Robbo is the clear winner here.

I'm not implying that Spurs are a big team but one would expect their goalkeeper to be a wee bit better. Perhaps he was a few seasons ago but has now gone down the road as one of those who promised so much, shown so little.

Cringe to think that he's a vice captain of Spurs. I just can't see him setting any sort of example and certainly don't inspire confidence eh? England's number one? It's probably down to the lack of backbone from the England management team rather than him being good.

Right Back: Pascal Chimbonda (Tottenham)

I don't get the media hype that surrounds this man. He's had a wonderful season with Wigan last season but he definitely didn't perform up to par this time round at Spurs. Perhaps it's a step too big for the Frenchman. He's good going forward but seemed like a suspect when it comes to defending. Well, what can you say when you're a defender and you can't defend well?

Left Back: John Arne Riise (Liverpool)

I know, you must be fuming now. 'HEY WTF YOU THINK YOU'RE WRITING, MAN!'. As a Liverpool fan, blinkered or not, could tell that Riise is not as good as what we made him to be all these years, ESPECIALLY at the left back slot.

He have been a great servant to the club and is perhaps, one of the first few names on Rafa Benitez's team sheet but honestly, other than his rocket shots and look-a-like-ability with Wayne Rooney, he's really not THAT good. He's not fast, can't take on defenders and always commits into tackle too soon. Makes him a rather bad defender to be honest....

Centre Back: Matthew Upson (West Ham)

Pfft, 7.5 million GBP. You must be havin' a laugh! Decent but honestly can't see what's the deal with him anyway.

Centre Back: Philippe Senderos (Arsenal)

I'm at a loss, whether to put Senderos or Bramble. But whatever it is, they both equally lost in certain football matches. For the Swiss, the mere mention of the name 'Drogba' certainly gives him a rightful trauma.

Slow and clumsy. Even now Arsene is struggling to decide a position for him to play. Might turn out to be more of a liability rather than asset. But he's still young....as the Arsenal fans says....

Right Midfield: Shaun Wright-Phillips (Chelsea)

The price and expectations makes him overrated to a certain extent. He can be good on his days but he just looked like a kid lost in the playground too many times and the touted replacement for Beckham should not be found anywhere near the England squad.

Left Midfield: Stewart Downing (Middlesbrough)

One good season and is hailed like the saviour of English football and the answer to their left wing problem, this winger is constantly called up for the national team perhaps due to McClaren's position as the national coach. Can't beat a man and can't cross to save his life, a few good goals score does redeem his ailing reputation a bit.

Centre Midfield: Jermaine Jenas & Michael Carrick (Tottenham / Man United)

This two players will walk into any overrated XI with no trouble. Because they truly are! Both are sort of like the invisible man on the pitch while one cost a grand total of almost 20 million! They don't really do much, score a few goals here and there and that's about it.

England squad beckons anyway....

Striker: Jeremie Aliadiere (Arsenal)

Can't believe till now, he's still at Arsenal. How? I don't know. Perhaps back in their undefeated season, he was touted to be the new Henry. Well, perhaps, in Arsene they trust.......

Striker: Emile Heskey (Wigan)

Really, do I have to say more? Thankfully he's never going to be called up for England squad again....Oh hang on, he might! His goal scoring record speaks for itself and the amount of quids spent on this man (Liverpool, 11million, pffft!) is enough to make him the mainstay in ALL major overrated XI.

Subs: Chris Kirkland (Wigan), Jose Reina (Liverpool), Stephen Carr (Newcastle), Emmanuel Eboue (Arsenal), Paulo Ferreira (Chelsea), Titus Bramble (Newcastle), Kieran Richardson (Man Utd), Michael Ballack (Chelsea), Juan Angel (Aston Villa), Ashley Young (Aston Villa), Bobby Zamora (West Ham)

Agree with me or not? You have something to say? You're angry at me for mentioning your favourite player? Drop me a comment on what you think. I'm sure we'll have a cracking time discussing this! Fun time!


Anonymous said...

Dude....Reina is a class act..He shouldn't be there....

siren said...

I agree with most. hahaha


I think there are other centre backs more overrated that Senderos who should be named. Phil is not as good on the ground, I agree, but in the air he is quite good mah. Bramble, on the other hand, is a bit of a joke.

Aliadiere's downfall is that he hasn't scored much. Which I agree, for a striker, kinda makes him a target here. But come on, hasn't anyone seen how hard the guy works on the field? I'd have named Shevchenko instead.

And Riise? Really? You don't think Ashley is a bit more overrated? And John's workrate is impressive enough for me.

I have a feeling I am going to get attacked here... hahaha


anon: Perhaps I'm a little harsh on him but does doubt his ability a little at times. Good thing is he's still considered young for goalkeeper and I'm willing to give him some time. He'll turn out good I think...

Siren: Nah, everyone's got their own opinion so I respect that. I think Phil has a lot to prove due to how 'highly rated' he is. Bramble on the other hand...cheered by the Anfield crowd..if you get what I mean!

Shevchenko is definitely not overratet but just didn't perform in England. Back in his days, he's perhaps one of the best finishers in the business. He didn't fit in Chelsea.

Riise seemed to turn up for European games only. Been very disappointed with him this season. Maybe I'm a little critical on him as I watch him more often. Cole is actually a pretty decent defender but yea, perhaps he deserves a mention here. :)

Hafiz said...

Bramble overated!?!?!

hahaha ..



Chris said...

Regarding Matthew Upson:

Speaking as a West Ham fan, I couldn't believe we'd spend so much on a player who has been injured so much in his career.

And sure enough, what happened during his first game? He got injured. Then when he recovered from his injury, he got injured again.

How could Alan Curbishley not have seen that?!?!!

TLR said...

For Titus Bramble to be considered overrated, he has be be 'rated' in the first place!

Disagree on John Arne Riise. Hard working, organised, powerful runner, killer shot, disciplined. I would think he's slightly underrated considering his career achievements. Maybe Liverpool supporters might mark him hard, but to other supporters I wouldn't think they consider him overrated.

How come no mention of Fatty Lampard? Brilliant World Cup form!!


fiz: I remembered back when they're playing us at Anfield and they had to sub on Bramble, the entire crowd went bananas and cheering! Haha!

Chris: I think he's one of the panic buys to shore up the leaky defence. But it just seemed a little too much for a player of his standard and I cringe to think we were interested in him last season.

tlr: Maybe he's rated because it's Bobby Robson who got him in at Newcastle :p

Yea, perhaps a little critical on the man. But still I hear fans saying he's the best left back in the league...so....

Lampard? Don't even wanna mention him!

Smart said...

How can you not include Ashley Cole?

Jermaine Pennant? Anton Ferdinand?

As for Carrick, £18 million, no, but the way he keeps the posession and the ball flowing makes him rated in my book.


Everyone is entitled to their opinions. Cheers.

As for Carrick, he have to be the most invisible 18million midfield player ever...

J said...

i'm not going to comment about the tohter teams coz i don't feel like i've seen enough of them to rightfully comment, but riise i think has just been played in hte wrong place. i think he should be moved to mid ocz he's more effective there. like see what he was doing against barca? he's much more effective up front than at the back (i don't know why he was at the back at the start anwyas). hahahaha

but i went and read the other guys' XI and i agree wiht him about kuyt. sure he works hard and everything, but there's not much to show for it atm i feel like he's more suited as a supporting striker not the main one.. so i guess the kuyt/bellamy is working ish. but we need more top strikers, can't always be relying on midfield.

Anonymous said...


When the fuck has bramble or carr actually been rated? they're shite and always have been known to be shite!