Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Here We Go Again...


"There's only one word to describe what Gerrard says about our so-called celebrations - b******s!" - Regarding his book depicting Milan celebrating in the dressing room after leading 3-0 at half time.


Gattuso fumed: "If Gerrard says I am a kitten then I must be an ugly, bearded kitten.

And then went on to say....

"But I will not respond to these provocations. Gerrard's a great player and my only answer to him will be on the pitch.

Be ready for the big showdown tomorrow. The debate championship awaits.

Oh hang on, why are they talking so much? Let the football do the talking. Period.

1 comment:

cahyo wijanarko said...

yep!! they'd better show what they got on the pitch. go reds!!