Sunday, May 20, 2007

Blues Triump In Forgettable Final

It was supposed to be a grand opening and a curtain raiser to the newly built Wembley stadium. After years of waiting and investing 800 million GBP in it, it was finally unveiled just in time for the biggest and oldest cup competition in England, the FA Cup finals.

It looked like money well spent, it was sophisticated and magnificent albeit complains about the price of the beverages over there that led on to a 'boycott' which didn't seemed to work. And what a fitting way to have the two best teams in England 'deflowering' the new Wembley.

Well, it was supposed to be but to be honest, it wasn't a spectacle at all.

Beneath the shades of the sophisticated and modern looking stadium was a display of dire, insipid and over-cautious football. How ironic is it to hold the first FA Cup final at the new stadium only for it to be renounced as yet another forgettable one?

Chelsea once again triumph in the domestic cup front with a double after bagging the League Cup earlier this season. Although the quality of the match was lamentable, nobody could say much about the quality of the match winning goal from Didier Drogba.

It was an expected stalemate all the way to the 90th minute mark and the over cautious approach from both side means the chances were few and far between.

But when the 'Top Drog' strikes forth, not even ManYoo, whom majority of the players were nominees for the PFA Team of the Year, could stop him from grabbing the 33rd goal of the season.

It was incisive, precise and deadly. Drogba picked out Obi Mikel's pass, laid it off first time to Lampard, whom volleyed the ball skillfully back into the path of Drogba. Already shrugged away his man marker, Drogba waited for the right moment before firing past Van der Sar.

With the match locked at goalless and neither teams looking superior, it usually takes a moment of brilliance to decide the tie and this time round, it was Drogba the match winner, as always. One would have to wonder how could Chelsea cope without him and with the African Cup of Nations next season, who can they replace him with?

With the focus very much on Chelsea for the past week and also for the wrong reasons, pressure was mounting and very much on Jose Mourinho's men. Despite further strengthening to their squad last summer when they included Ballack and Shevchenko into their roster, they weren't up to their usual standards and the FA Cup is perhaps, a saving grace for Mourinho.

Once again, neither side deserves to win it and perhaps if it was a boxing game, United could've won on points as they looked more threatening and willing to come out of their shell but Chelsea took the game by the scruff of the neck and finish off the game just at the right time.

Mourinho's dog might have gotten him into all sorts of trouble but it's his top Drog that might have bought more time for him.

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