Saturday, May 19, 2007

My 'Road To Athens'

Well, since I have a little bit of time at hand, I decided to take Liverpool on FM 2007 and see how far I can go with that squad. To my surprise, I made it all the way to Athens as well! I didn't have any major signings and stuck with the same players like Crouch and Kuyt throughout and I thought it was quite impressive!

Ah, just a game. But enjoy the screenies!

It all started off from the Group Stages and I was drawn with Ajax, Hamburg and surprise, Bordeaux. It was pretty much a stroll in the park for me as I notched up 5 wins and a loss that meant nothing. Finished top of the group and was surprised to see what team I've got picked against next.


Well, they're pretty much unstoppable actually, never failed to score a goal and the only way to beat them is to actually score more than them....okay, pretty obvious....Well, at least I've got 3 away goals!

Bring on Anfield, and they were eaten alive by a certain Peter Crouch....

In the quarter finals, was pitted against German giants, Bayern Munich and was able to slip through despite conceding 4 goals against them. Podolski was pretty much too hot to handle for Carragher and Agger but I still managed it.

On to the semi finals, met up with another team from Milan and it's Inter. Not so good of a start at the Giuseppe Meazza for the first leg as I trail 1-0 to a plucky late goal from Paddy Vieira.

But hey, they got royally served at Anfield just like Barcelona. I played at a quick tempo, caught them off guard and they missed a decisive penalty that could've changed the face of the game but thankfully, Zlatan 'Most Overrated Striker, Ever' Ibrahimovic missed it while our own Dirk Kuyt puts it away!

A late cameo in the 80th minute for Robbie Fowler was just to finish using up the subs but never did I expect him to actually go on to punish the sorry Milanistas!

And in the European Cup final, guess who's waiting?

None other than the moneybags from Chelsea. Defeated them in the League Cup final previously, confidence was high but this time round, it wasn't as easy as the last time as we cancelled out each other and chances were at premium.

But the best way to win the finals is of course......


He was a late substitute and was brought on to have a go at the tiring legs but he scored an absolute scorcher, the last kick of the game!

Oh well, enough of my 'dreaming' and being 'surreal'. Just have fun reading and looking at the screenshots! Take care and enjoy the FA Cup final guys. :)


Anonymous said...

Hey, Yr Fm skin looks fantastic. Where can I get it

psychohare said...

haha, u are so funny!
well it's been 2-3 years since i played FM... really miss playing it.. hopefully a new version comes out this summer, although highly unlikely coz it's always out somewhere in nov-dec.. when the season has already started, which totally makes no sense...
bleh... Online Football managing games like Hattrick and Freekick and Footstar take up all of my football gaming time online (all of which im highly successful in :D )... bleh.. what a waste to see one of my childhood favs go dwindling away in my memory as i grow older... DARN IT!
whatever it is... i must play Wii this summer... Wii must play Wii!


Ask and you're given!

Quite true, but it's only then they can confirm all the signings so it's reasonable to come out during that period of time. Anyway it's still fun but I'm inclined to think it actually turns away casual gamers because it's getting a bit difficult!