Monday, May 14, 2007

Pictures From The 'Family Day'

First of all, none other than Fowler and his little girls. Pity there isn't a lad to take over his mantle!

Robbie almost in tears...

Farewell Du the Dudek, we forgive you for your countless of blunders after that match winning performance at Istanbul. Good luck!

Don't you find Kuyt's baby cute? Aww! Oh, and Carra's little girl looked really evil!


Phantom said...

I feel it is time Fowler should leave already. I think he made a right choice. He deserve to settle down or maybe join a league 2 club. If he stays another season, its hard. there is at least another 4 strikers fighting for the places. Crouch, Bellamy, Kuyt, Cisse. Its time Liverpool settle down for a small squad n not thinking of expanding it. We only have 1 good keeper in Reina. 4 central backs, y do we need four? RIsse n Finnan shd stay. Midfield needs to be sorted out AsAp b4 anything happens. Gerrard, sissoko n Alonso for centre mid. Kewell, Garcia n Gonzales on the left n Pennant on the right. one thing, Sell Kewell n sign young n upcoming player. Nani for example. He is better than Kewell. Liverpool should also only keep 3 strikers. Sell bellamy as he isnt performing. Play a 4-5-1 formation nxt season.
Left Right
Risse Carragher Agger Finnan

Garcia Sissoko Alonso Pennant
Gerrad as a supporting player to kuyt n a attacking mid. It gives him freedom in e middle n he can slid the ball forward or go for goal. Alonso n Sissoko will prove a vulnerable force to break infront of the defence. i Selected Agger instead of hyypia is that hyypia isnt getting any younger n his making mistakes at time n its time to blend agger in. Signing a keeper is i think still liverpool's main target. Kenny of Sheffield might be a good signing. Ya thats all i've got to say. LIVERPOOL FOR THE TITLE NXT SEASON!!!

Ace Cowboy said...

Drog, wrote this up, thought you'd like to read a little levity about the season...enjoy, dude.


Phantom We have signed Voronin on a free so he'll be one of the 4 strikers for next season while I do not think Cisse is in Rafa's plan.

Rumours has it that he will be used for a swap deal for Simao and if so, I'll be more than happy.

4-5-1 formation is not very effective in the Premiership and I really do hope Liverpool adopt a more attacking approach next season and score more goals rather than concentrating on conceding less.

Finally, Paddy Kenny? You sure?

Phantom said...

Yes. His quite good, but he dun have a big transfer move. Foster wont leave, as he is in man utd.

Anonymous said...

The one that he's carrying is actually a boy.