Friday, May 18, 2007

Beware Of Small Talks

In some way or the other, trying to hype up a game while putting on pressure to your opponent might not be the best way to deal with an upcoming cup final.

We know the Champions League final is less than a week away and we should be expecting the 'calm before the storm' shortly but now, we're hearing daily from Carlo Ancelotti and Clarence Seedorf about what they think of Liverpool and how sh*t they think we are.

Well well, Rafa, just pin up all these quotes on the dressing room in Athens and it'll save you a lot of words.


"But I am convinced that if we replayed that game [2005] another 20 times, we would win it every time because even in that game, we showed we were far superior to them. This time we won't let it go to penalties. We will win it before.

"But they have their way of playing and that's the risk of the game. It's only the second time I have played against Liverpool but there will be no surprises because Liverpool is playing the same game, with the same players."


"Technically, Liverpool are the worst team of the three English sides who reached the semi-finals,"

Liverpool do not have the DNA of an English side

"You could see from the two legs of our semi-final with them that they play and let you play. I don't think it will be the same with Liverpool."

"Milan are a strong Italian team. there is a strong Italian culture running through the team."

I'm loving it. I'm loving the quotes because they make us sounds so bad and that we have a chance to prove them wrong. I love the way they become so over confident of defeating us and have us easy. I love the way they think that they do not have 'revenge' on their mind but all the words are words of revenge itself.

Now the only thing is to shut up ourselves and prove them f**king wrong on the pitch come Wednesday. I can't wait.


Fiz said...

"I would love it if we beat them .. Love it! Love it!"

Kevin Keegan Style hahah

Anyway, I'm really liking this .. The more they put us down, the better it is ..

psychohare said...

let stuff their mouths with smelly socks after the game... socks from the Liverpool players of course! Make them eat their words!

prash said...

cant wait to fuck them up!!!

nice videos u put up there btw n gj with the season review so far


To me, they looked extremely cocky at times. I mean, look at the Milan-ManYoo match, the referee haven't even blow the whistle and already some of the players starts to jump about. Especially Gattuso.