Thursday, May 24, 2007

Summer Clean Up Begins.....NOW!

Seriously, that was fast. One day after the defeat in Athens, ruthless Rafa is already wielding the axe and the first of the lot is none other than Mark Gonzalez.

As I've mentioned in my seasonal review, I thought he was too lightweight and never looked mentally up to the task. He looked intimidated at times and had a disappointing first season. But on the other hand, I thought he could've been given another season to prove his worth. After all, Rafa spent so much time waiting for him to recover from his injury and then his passport problems.

Whatever it is, the summer clean up starts now and he's the first and will certainly NOT be the last. Farewell Speedy and all the best. Thanks for getting us into the Champions League in the first place.


Mal said...

I won't be sad to see Zenden leave. He had a couple of decent games but nowhere near enough. He gives his all but he isn't good enough, and everyone knows it. I'm a little bit surprised about Gonzalez but he hasn't lived up to expectations so fair enough. He may not have settled and doesn't really look suited to the premiership. If the fee is the rumoured £5m then it's decent business.

Crystal said...

i don't understand why benitez can't give gonzalez more time. he's only here for 1 pathetic season.