Friday, May 11, 2007

'I'll Carry Owen Back To Anfield'

Out of the mouth of Newcastle Chairman cum Pie Eater, FFS.... Oh Freddy Shepherd.

Right on the day he questioned Owen's loyalty and commitment to Newcastle. Okay, I guess they both deserves each other..


Reds In The Burgh said...

Ah, respect to Freddy!

psychohare said...

hes weird, but obviously hes joking... i dun even know what hes saying LOL

RedsMan said...

Yeah, tongue-in-cheek but obviously aggrieved with Owen's agents. Owen on Shepherd's back is about the only way Owen will be back at Anfield other than through the fixture programme!



Yea, see it as a joke and don't take his word seriously by the way. It's from KrapTalk after all!