Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Why Are We So Nice?

Liverpool's probably your nice kid in the class who doesn't attract much attention and does his work on time.

To be honest, too nice for the good. Toughen up a bit lads!


J said...

NO! i love the fact taht we are so disciplined! (despite Alonso picking up what? 1/4 of all hte yellow cards we got XD)

but hey, we can rightfully say, we got to where we are without playing dirty. how good deos that sound?! =D

J said...

sorry for double posting...but just realised, we're hte only team to not have been shown a RED CARD! go us~ go us~

uneditedmara said...

If we were still in school, I'd definitely go out with a Red. Or at least bet on him to win and be crowned KINGS OF EUROPE FOR THE SIXTH TIIIIIME!!!