Tuesday, May 08, 2007


As I was reading Soccernet's article, I came across this one on the top 10 flops of this season. Absolutely aghast to see a certain Gabriel Paletta within that list. What are you thinking, sir?

I have to admit that his performance this season hasn't really set the world alight and he was part of the defence that leaked a grand total of 9 goals 2 miserable games against Arsenal (right?).

But for God's sake, this is only his first season at the club and as an Argentinian, there's a certain learning curve for the young defender before he can actually excel. Just look, how many Argentinians actually made it big in the Premiership?

As I've mentioned, he's a youngster. Although Rafa Benitez did bigged him up before he signed, claiming he can be as good as Carragher, there was little expectations from the majority of the Liverpool fans because we know he'll have to work his way up and past the likes of Carragher, Agger and even Hyypia.

Proof came earlier with the 5-0 pre-season defeat to Mainz

Taking an example from a pre-season friendly just makes you wonder about the credibility of it all. Everyone played crap perhaps including a few key players so why highlight only him?

Rafael Benitez has numerous reasons to be grateful for Jamie Carragher's dependability and fine fitness record. The prospect of Paletta deputising ranks high among them.

You've forgotten a certain Sami Hyypia, eh?

Putting Paletta alongside major flops like Khalid Boulahrouz and Andriy Shevchenko is in some ways, laughable. To me, they are in totally different echelon and should not be even classified together because some came to England, already with huge reputation and steady career while why picked on a young Argentinian centre half who is here to learn and ply his trades?

And a certain Emile Heskey didn't even make it to the list. How ridiculous.


J said...

they forgot our trusty Agger too~

but seriously, Paletta... >_>
i dunno. some of hte guys out agaisnt fulham i was like who? is he even in our squad?! (blinks)

Jammy T said...

he isn't good enough to play for us, simple as that. I havent seen him show any signs of composure, all he does is muscle people off the ball.

I thought in pre-season he played well in some games, but if he can't hack it in the reserves..why bother keeping him?


he isn't good enough to play for us NOW but he's never bought to be played NOW.

I don't think we should slag him off this early. He's only 20 and that's a very green age for a defender, living in a country far away from home.

Jammy T said...

I'm sick of not buying players for NOW though...the amount of 'hot prospects' we've brought in through the years...only to let them play in 3rd round league cup games and then move to Wrexham or Crewe on a free transfer!

J said...

well, regarding hte not ready for us now bit, i agree we shouldn't be too hard on young players, after all they may not be at their full potential yet. but then if tgheyt're not ready, don't play them in first 11 yet. play them in reserves and KEEP them in reserves. =P until they're good enough to play against others. it's a bit insulting to send out a reserves team to meet another's first eleven.

RedsMan said...

Flops for the season and they found Paletta? Exactly, not bought for this season, he was bought to develop, like Godwin Antii currently on loan at Accrington Stanley. You mentioned Shevchenko, which is being very hushed-up for a £30m player of European reputation. Boulahrouz was miles better for Holland v England, from which I earmarked him for our central defence, then he messed up in the WC2006 and then messed up well for Chelski. Doing a good job of it too.

We fielded a reserve side to rest players and to also see how others cut the grade. Though a Liverpool second side should do better, we've lost two games by 1 goal, albeit Bellamy and Fowler should have wiped Fulham out of existence and Brown should have been sent off. And Paletta could well feel nervous until he gets a few games under his belt. Bergkamp was a flop in his first season, and then the rest became history.