Friday, July 13, 2007


Dear Lord, if he's not the next Maradona, who is?

Well, just hope that nothing serious will happen to the little lad whether is it serious injury or 'doing a Gasgoigne'.

I was in awe of the way he just chipped the ball past Oswaldo Sanchez with such composure and ease. I was urging him to blast the ball towards the bottom corner but what I thought is special player doesn't do normal things.

I watched the Copa America semi final between Argentina and Mexico earlier this morning, dragged myself out of bed at 8.30am for the match and I didn't regret it at all. It wasn't the MOST entertaining match out there but it was a match where I saw the supposed star shines and probably the best team in the world tore Mexico to pieces.

It was a cagey start to the match as both sides were pretty cautious with their play and the midfield was seriously packed.

But it took just one moment of brilliance from Juan Roman Riquelme to unlock the Mexican defence, led by Barcelona's Rafael Marquez. His freekick was deliciously chipped in to the far post and Gabriel Heinze, an unlikely scorer, orchestrated a midair kick and the goal was scored just before halftime.

Messi doubled the lead with THAT goal and then how can Argentina finish a match without Riquelme scoring? Carlos Tevez was adjudged to have been obstructed in the penalty area by Marquez and up steps Riquelme.

Just when you thought he'll lose his cool and bottle it, he chipped it right down Oswaldo Sanchez's goal.It showed how comfortable it was and that Argentina is brimming with confidence.

Brazil will be round the corner and when the two Latin giants meet, sparks will fly and there is going to be a match of epic proportion. I for one, can't wait to see the finals and even the 3rd/4th place match looks interesting, with Uruguay and Mexico competing.

So far, Copa has been great and let's hope the final doesn't let us down.

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