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Perhaps Quitters Are Winners

Bellamy & Cisse Unloaded

The striker musical chair game going on at Liverpool is still up and running with both Djibril Cisse and Craig Bellamy set to leave for Olympique Marseille and West Ham respectively.

The news of the impending departure of the duo was confirmed yesterday by Liverpool manager, Rafa Benitez, after the game which saw his side winning their first friendly game at Wrexham.

Being asked about the deals, Rafa said "The deals for Bellamy and Cisse are completed."

While he also added that he likes Yossi Benayoun and the Israeli playmaker is kept under close watch by the Spanish boss and his trustworthy scouts. It fueled speculation after Benitez mentioned that his next target will be a winger.

The description that is to be given to the two players could well be 'flops' but it's a gross overstatement of what they did for the club. It's unfair to hurl abuse at them now for what I call, under-achieving and not unleashing their fullest of potential.

Djibril Cisse came in as a record signing by Gerard Houllier but the Frenchman was promptly sacked before they even had a chance to work together.

Apparently, Rafa thought Cisse is unteachable and that his attitude stinks at times. Even the injuries he suffered in his short span of career at Anfield didn't gain him much sympathy.

Meanwhile, Bellamy is brought in to replace Cisse only last summer. Both players are probably in the same mould, with tenacity and pace to burn. But their finishing can be a suspect at times while Bellamy's misdemeanors are one too many for Benitez to take.

The golf club incident pre-Barcelona could've been the last straw and that he wasn't able to sustain his form for an extended period of times probably means the gamble that Benitez took last summer didn't pay off. Or maybe not in full divident.

Yet the two players have left good memories for the fans to reminisce and we'll still remember the good times. I'll like to thank Cisse for his goal at Cardiff, the FA Cup would've been out of reach if he didn't score that one just before half time. His heroics in the UEFA Super Cup should not be discounted as well. You could even say he scored in the Champions League final from the penalty spot back in 2005.

Bellamy, a true 'ah-beng' he is, has given us some laughs for his uncountable amount of offsides and whining at the referee. He must be a true irritant to the referees but when it comes down to the real job, he just didn't make the grade. But thanks for that goal in Nou Camp and the various others.

Speaking without malice and bitterness, I would like to say thank you to the two, who have served the club well in some ways for the past seasons. Let's hope you leave with good peace and in good terms with the club and don't hurt us too much when we meet again.

Carragher Turns His Back On England?

Well done, about time Carra. About time to turn your back on a team that doesn't appreciate any bit of your presence and under perform all the time.

About time to leave the bunch of prima donnas on their own and focus your career for Liverpool.

About time to tell everyone that you're one of the best central defenders in the world, not a stop gap right back or replacement anchorman in midfield.

Even when Terry and Ferdinand ain't available, there isn't a spot for him and that the right back spot, which he previously replace Gary Neville on a couple of occasions, was taken away from him by Wes Brown in the match against Estonia.

It was a bitter blow for the Liverpool vice captain, who clearly isn't favoured by Steve McClaren, whom he only made 5 appearances under his 'fine' management.

It isn't a selfish act from his part and totally understandable, that he himself feels that he's very much dispensable and he doesn't need a reason to be in a part of a team which sees him as a stop gap and replacement only when someone goes missing.

It's time to give it up like Scholes and watch how his career at ManYoo blossom after his 'retirement'. Concentrate at Liverpool and give up on them who doesn't give a sh*t about who you are.

Just quit!

Source: The Daily Mail (Or Diana Watch.....)

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