Thursday, July 12, 2007

NUMBER 1: Peter Crouch vs Bolton

Well well, after weeks and weeks of dragging and waiting, this is the pinnacle of the
goal that sets the 06/07 season alight and the highlight of our season.

I had a friend that commented that his goal against Galatasaray was a fluke and it was lucky but how lucky is he to score two of the same in a season!

It was almost a carbon copy goal of the one he scored against the Turks but this time round, it was a little more difficult than the previous and therefore justifies the position of this goal, number one!

Well, there ends the top 25 goals of Liverpool in the 06/07 season and hopefully you've enjoyed it and if you have comments on the placing of the goals then do share it with the rest of us.

And let's pray that next season, we'll have much more greater quality goals and that we'll drop our jaw everytime we look at it! Have fun :)

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