Friday, April 28, 2006

Bad News To Arse Fans...And Your Promised Rooney Lookalike!

Firstly, I've Found Him!

Wayne Rooney!

haha! almost everything identical! from the eye brows to the nose. from the mouth to the ears!

Bad News Arsenal Fans...Winning It Might NOT Be Enough (If This Is Not A Hoax)

Geneva, Thursday 27th April, 13:30 CET

UEFA have just ruled that if Tottenham Hotspur finish in the final champions league qualifiying spot, they will go into the competition and not Arsenal - even if they win it.

After the debacle with Everton and Liverpool last season, UEFA have now made a U-turn regarding qualification.

I don't really know if this is true, or someone just made it up. Let's wait for some footie sites with more reliable source to post it up. Updates soon.

Sexist Warning: Funny Comparison Between Ladies And Football Teams (From F365, Not Me!)
Birmingham - Pamela Anderson:
Used to look good in the cups but now a declining force. Plus millions of people watched them get a good seeing to.

Wigan - Davina McCall:
Poor attendances confirm they've been promoted above their ability.

Portsmouth - Girls Aloud:
Only one real class act among the hastily assembled line-up. You shouldn't like them but admit it, you've sneaked the occasional admiring glance.

Sunderland - Kerry Katona:
Once the people's favourite but now an embarrassment. Fun while it lasted - now disappear from where you came, please.

Tottenham - Keira Knightley:
Undeniably easy on the eye with an attractive English spine. And proof that two little ones up front needn't be an drawback.

Everton - Dannii Minogue:
The poor relation to the more glamorous sibling. Can anyone remember when it was they were supposed to be any good?

Fulham - Charlotte Church:
Proof that money can't buy you class. But could look more attractive if the Welsh bloke was given the elbow.

Arsenal - Jordan:
Were more likeable when they weren't packed out with expensive foreign implants.

Newcastle - Jodie Marsh:
Impressive front two but embarrassing at the back. Had surgery but need a lot more work to compete at a higher level.

Aston Villa - Dido:
Bland, boring and still trading off the one big hit they had years ago.

Liverpool - Sophie Ellis-Bextor:
Individually all the components look great but stick them together and it just doesn't work.

Chelsea - Rachel Stevens:
You'd rather just watch them than listen to all that painful whining.

Bolton - Clare Balding:
You wouldn't. Not even if they were the last team on earth.

Manchester United - Catherine Zeta Jones:
Used to look great until they were shafted by an old fat American with too much money.

Manchester City - Kate Moss
Massive in her own mind, but really a bit thin on the ground.

Middlesbrough - Jane Berkin
Unknown at home in England, but massive in Europe.

And Finally....
Congratulations to Middlesbrough. Doing an impossible comeback for once is quite a feat, but doing it twice in the same competition is quite something. Go on and win it then. Cheers!

More Tonight!

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