Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Happy First Month!....Oh....

Not like i have a girlfrield and its our one month anniversary. Haha! Its just that The Red Cauldron is one month old! Looking back a little bit, times does seemed to fly. It's only the first month, but I hope i can continue to enthrall you guys with the lamest funniest and cheesiest football matters! Interested or not...up to you. But don't run away yes! Haha thanks for your support within this 1 month!

--That's why we 'ave the best fan in the woorlddd!
Saw this video taken on a handphone during the last few seconds of Chelsea vs Liverpool game and some post match celebration. He's sitting at the Liverpool fan's corner. I wonder if we'll go deaf sitting among this fanatics. I personally won't mind! Anyway i would advise you to watch the last half of the video. They're singing some really weird Rafa Benitez song.

below is something I've found from Football365 forums:

--Footballers Deathmatch!
Round 1: Battle of the Keepers

Jose "I'LL PUNCH IT NO MATTER WHAT" Reina (Liverpool)


Jens "Don't step on my toe you twit!" Lehmann (Arsenal)

Final Outcome : Reina would rush out and give Lehmann a punch. Oh and he missed! But then Lehmann went down rolled on the ground holding his foot, then gave an irritated look. So Reina as the last man standing, won!

Round 2: Battle of the Highbury Tunnels

Edgar "They like to bully me" Davids (Spurs)


Arsene "I didn't see it, but you should!" Wenger (Arsenal)

Outcome: Due to Wenger's presence in this competition, we should safely say...we didn't see it! So, nobody knows!

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