Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Bellamy To Be Swapped With Defoe?

Liverpool could offer Craig Bellamy as part of an exchange deal for Spurs striker Jermain Defoe.

Despite only signing the Welsh striker in the summer, Rafael Benitez is apparently prepared to include Bellamy in a package to beat off competition from Manchester United, who are also interested in Defoe.

According to the Daily Mirror, Spurs have already been sounded out about the prospect of a player exchange, and the deal could appeal to Martin Jol, who seems to favour Dimitar Berbatov and Robbie Keane ahead of the England forward.

Liverpool are keen to not only strenghten to their forward line, but deny United the chance to sign Defoe.

The Red Devils' lack of cover up front was exposed during Sunday's 1-1 draw with Chelsea, after they were forced to name a bench with three defenders and a midfielder.

Sir Alex Ferguson is a long-time admirer of Defoe, and was interested in signing the England striker - a West Ham player at the time - when they bought Louis Saha from Fulham.
We know Rafa is a huge Jermaine Defoe fan and we have been linked with Defoe for the past 1 season plus. The move never materialise and instead, Liverpool went with Craig Bellamy, whom everyone thought was the better choice. It's a bit too early to judge, but Bellamy has managed to disappoint a lot of Liverpool fans and has yet to kick start his season.

His on-going trial with the court is not doing any good as well. We're short of men for the match against Portsmouth tonight and again, Bellamy won't be present because of some silly things he had done few months back. At the moment, we need all hands on deck and he's not available. Has he changed his attitude? Can he really behave himself in the future? Will it all happen AGAIN? This are the doubts in many of our supporter's mind, no doubt.

Then on Defoe, I'm definitely not his biggest fan due to the similarity between him and a striker we're looking to sell, Djibril Cisse. They're flamboyant, enigmatic, unpredictable and very much inconsistent. If we're looking to offload one that is of this quality, why buy another one?

Of course we could say this is the press media b*llocks just like every season we're hearing Gerrard joining Real Madrid etc. But what if it's true? Are you ready to accept the little man in for...another little man? Who's better in your opinion? I want to hear from you.

A moment of brilliance from Defoe:


louis` said...

hmmm. i actually agree with you that defoe is like another cisse. they have similarities as you have mentioned.

for defoe and sacrifice bellamy? i think we shouldn't do such exchanges. both are them are basically pacey strikers and are similar in size as well. so what's the difference?

i think we should actually buy a striker, someone like fox in the box. but it's hard to find? i do miss michael owen who used to scores so many goals for us.

on the whole, i think it's pointless to exchange 2 simliar players although, they might be different in form and finishing. let's give bellamy some time..hopefully he can produced the form like he used to be at blackburn..



I wouldn't do it as well. Not much of a point. It's true we have missed Owen's predatory skills and his ability to nick goals. But I've mentioned that football tactics in recent times have evolved and there will be a shortage of so called 'fox in box' and rather, a new generation of strikers such as Kuyt and Saha are born.

It's getting more and more difficult to get a fox in the box because players have changed their style and teams have moved on. Now teams rely on mobile strikers rather than those who 'camp' like van Nistelrooy.

I might be wrong, but that's the trend. How to find another Owen? It's difficult to replace a special player....

Hafiz said...

I would rather Give Bell more time. We know what he can do.

Well at least give him time.


Don't think Rafa is a person who makes rash decisions. After all he's a chess player. Haha