Thursday, November 30, 2006

Reds Held To Stalemate

And Failed To Capitalise On Chance To Go Into Top 4

English Premiership

0 - 0 Portsmouth

No goals, at least there's highlights:

Same old story, isn't it. Given the chance to advance into the top 4 and now we only have ourselves to blame. It might not be bad as some of you might think, but as we move on through the season, we might look back and regret on all those dropped points such as this.

It was there for the taking and although I admit it wasn't easy against a very good Portsmouth side with discipline and quality, we had chance after chance but just couldn't hit the cow's arse with a banjo.

How toothless. How unimaginative.

Liverpool's away form has been under scrutiny and everyone knows about our weakness. So therefore it is best to take maximum points from home games, where we are more comfortable and confident.

But somehow, the away form seemed to be seeping in an now our home form looked to have taken the hit. We have not been impressive against Manchester City over the weekends and many of you have sounded your concerns.

As optimistic as I always have, I shrugged them off. But have we turned into Arsenal Mark II? Have we encounter the difficulty with teams coming to Anfield an parking the bus, frustrating the players and time wasting?

I think this is an aspect Rafa will need to resolve because we all know teams will now come to Anfield with a little more confident in at least nicking a point or two against us with the all out defence tactics.

But you have to admit the injuries are not helping at the moment and with around 6 to 7 first team players missing, the team is disjointed, lacked the proper coordination and some players like Carragher being shifted to the centre of midfield.

But this season we continue to come up with excuses after excuses, or some say reasons. We can sit here all day long analysing the all the statistics and what not. But at the end of the day, I must once again mention that some players just don't make the cut at Liverpool.

Jermaine Pennant for example, I for one was shocked to see his name above a certain Fernando Morientes in terms of price. Good lord, how much have we wasted. I might be jumping to conclusion here and some of you might say 'give him some time'. But can a human mind EVER imagine 'Jermaine Pennant' mentioned at the same wavelength as 'Champions'?

This is not the personal attack because there are a few other 'deadwoods'. But we've seen his performance thus far and his almighty price tag. If we're richer, we could've had Daniel Alves, who for your information, scored a hat trick from the right-back position.

I seriously hope some of the players wake up and next up, it's an away game at the JJB Stadium against Wigan. Anyone remembered what happened when we played Wigan last season?

Peter Crouch scored his first goal for Liverpool, breaking the hoodoo.

Can we hope for another hoodoo to be broken this time round against Wigan? That is to win away and I have to say, this game is a must win. We cannot afford any more slip up and I don't think I have the energy to carry on saying the same thing over and over again for the next few weeks.

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