Tuesday, November 28, 2006

'Canna' Wins Ballon d'Or

Italian Captain Wins 'Golden Balls' With Gigi Buffon Second & Thierry Henry Third

Experienced centre half Cannavaro has claimed the coveted Ballon d'Or award after captaining Italy to World Cup success.

He also led Juventus to the Serie A title before the Italian giants were stripped of the honour for their role in the match-fixing scandal.

After the World Cup finals, Cannavaro followed his former Juve coach Fabio Capello to Real Madrid and he had been widely tipped to win the prize.

Cannavaro was delighted to be voted the 2006 winner and he becomes just the third defender to be named European Footballer of the Year after German duo Franz Beckenbauer and Matthias Sammer.

"Of course I will bring this trophy back to Madrid, but I would also love to bring it to Turin," said Cannavaro.

"My season at Juventus was just outstanding. I played 37 matches and scored four goals, all decisive."

He also offered his gratitude to his team-mates, adding: "It is thanks to them that I have been able to show my qualities on the pitch.

"So I want to thank my Juve team-mates and all my colleagues from the Nazionale."

Second spot in the voting went to Buffon, who was Italy's keeper at the World Cup and opted to stay at Juventus after the club's demotion to Serie B.

Arsenal captain Henry took third place after inspiring The Gunners to the UEFA Champions League final, and also helping France reach the World Cup final.

I personally thinks Cannavaro deserves the award fair and square, no qualm from me. The display he put up during the summer's World Cup was enough to earn him the acolade and also by helping his former club, Juventus, to the Italian Scudetto was yet another achievement for the Italian 'giant'. Not the tallest of defender, the man was a colossal figure in the Italian national team as well as his club. Small he might be, but everyone sees a giant in him.

I'm not so sure about Buffon and Henry though. We all know FIFA and UEFA are notorious for naming 'winners' and 'shortlist' with reputation in mind and I'm sure they overlooked some who deserve the award more.

Gigi Buffon, like Cannavaro, had a brilliant World Cup. And the thing that impresses me was his willingness to stay with Juventus although they're shamed and are now demoted to the Serie B. Goalkeepers are a bunch of undervalued, under-rated people who work their socks off without getting recognition. So it's nice to see him getting the second place.

Thierry Henry had sort of an on and off year. He led Arsenal to the Champions League final with some fine display namingly the Arsenal vs Real Madrid one. But then he bottled during the finals, missing several chances and then went on to whine during the post-match interview.

Hurt by the defeat, he spurred France to the World Cup finals and then predictably bottled it yet again. But this time against who else but Cannavaro the giant. Ironic? Perhaps.

Not the nicest person you can think of, but he is without a doubt one of the best striker in the world now. Deserve the award? I'm not so sure about it, though. If the award was base on fame and not form, then he will win it. But looking at form, I'm sure there are several players who got overlooked.

Didier Drogba: I know, I loathe the big man. But seriously, he's on fire at the moment. He is currently one of the most on-form striker and he has improved leaps and bounds after receiving criticisms from Chelsea fans, who jeered him. But he might never win it due to his...notorious reputation.

David Villa: Impressed in the World Cup. Impressed in Champions League. Together with Drogba, another of the on-form strikers at the moment. He scored tons of goals, but with no medals and trophies to show, it's just not gonna work.

Zinedine Zidane: Just because he had the balls to headbutt someone in the World Cup finals. All hail the legend.


Chee Sheng said...

Cheers Cannavaro.... hes the man! Forza Azzuri!

btw, i wonder if that woman beside him is his wife... if u checked... Italian footballers have really HAWT wives... Totti has a porn star wife if im not wrong XD


Haha dude, I did a poll for the hottest footballer's girlfriend/wife earlier this year before the World Cup. I'll direct you to: http://theredcauldron.blogspot.com/2006/06/every-guys-and-girls-dream-come-true.html and look under 'Fun Stuff' for the results and more.

Haha anyway that lady is Monica Belluci, a famous Italian actress. Acted in the Matrix and if I'm not wrong, does softcore porno as well.

Hafiz said...

Here for your post vid drogballs

Canna Receiving The Award - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pDorwM1TMgU

Chee Sheng said...

i like that post! well, Ashley Cole is a darn lucky bastard... i hate him! (and yea did u see that footage where he puts C.Ronaldo into his pocket during last weekend's game... that was hilarious.. and damnit hes good...) if u havent seen that MOTD highlight... u know where to go ;p

just watched the presentation ceremoney, that lady really is hot!


Haha there's a winner's post for Cheryl Tweedy as well if you go look for it :p anyway yea I think he always had Cronaldo in his pockets everytime they meet.

Heard MOTD standards has dropped and alot of people are complaining so I'll stick to SportsCentre here haha!