Friday, January 12, 2007

David Beckham's Facts And Figures...

128 - The projected amount, in millions of pounds sterling, that David Beckham will earn over the next five years.

81 - The amount of pence that Beckham will be earning per second from August.

70,000 - The amount, in pounds sterling, that Beckham will earn per day.

500,000 - The amount, in pounds sterling, that Beckham will earn per week.

25.6 - The amount, in millions of pounds sterling, that Beckham will earn per year until 2012.

250 - The amount, in millions, that Beckham's five-year contract is worth in U.S. dollars.

90 - The amount, in millions of U.S. dollars, that Tiger Woods is estimated to have earned in 2005-06, making the golfer the highest-paid sportsman in the world.

32 - The age of David Beckham when he officially becomes a LA Galaxy player on July 1.

27,000 - The capacity of the delightfully-named Home Depot Center, home of the LA Galaxy, as well as another MLS side, Chivas USA. The ground is often referred to as 'The Toolbox', and Beckham has already played there - during a pre-season friendly for Real Madrid in 2005.

20,814 - The average home attendance for LA Galaxy matches in 2006.

30,129 - The average home attendance for LA Galaxy matches in 1996.

15,504 - The average attendance for MLS league matches in 2006.

8 - The number, in millions, of children aged between six and 16 who are cited as playing 'soccer' regularly in the U.S.

13 - The number of teams in the MLS, split into two conferences, the Western and Eastern.

350 - The amount, in millions of U.S. dollars, that the MLS was estimated to have lost since its 1993 foundation according to a Business Week study in 2004.

700,000 - The amount, in pounds sterling, that Chivas USA forward Juan Francisco Palencia earns per season, making him the best-paid player in the MLS at present.

5,650 - The amount, in pounds sterling, that the lowest-paid player at LA Galaxy currently earns per season.

1.9 - The salary cap, in millions of U.S Dollars, that is imposed on each club from which they have to pay their 'roster' of 28 players. Under new MLS rules, each side is then allowed one 'star player' who does not feature under the salary cap.

0 - The number of trophies David Beckham has won at Real Madrid since 2003.


psychohare said...

money grabbing biatch... Die Back-ham! someone eat him up!
let me tell u the real reason why hes going to the US... no good club in the right frame of mind would need him.... he was smart enough to realize that, and left for the money..
hehe, i just like to say bad things about him... it's fun!


I personally thinks he still have something to offer to England and he's still able to play at the highest level. But who knows what his reasons are. Money might be one but I think he's more concerned about his family and perhaps a new challenge after being in the frame of the media for so long.

He's quite a sound guy contrary to popular belief that he's a dumb blond.

Anonymous said...



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