Friday, January 12, 2007

Jose And The Convict

Footballer Jailed

Barrow defender James Cotterill was sentenced to four months in prison yesterday for breaking an opponent's jaw during an FA Cup match. He is one of the more recent footballer to have been jailed and honestly, it was a disgusting act and he ought to be punished for that.

And read this part: "Half an hour into the game Cotterill fractured Rigg's jaw in two places with a left-hook, Preston Crown Court heard. It must be held together with metal plates for the rest of his life."

You just destroyed someone's life, mate.

Poor Old Jose

Rumours have been flying round faster than Ronaldo doing his side steps that Jose Mourinho is unhappy with the board and he's of course, under intense pressure after seeing his 300million side held by Wycombe Wanderers.

I have mentioned before, that his idea of the 'untouchables' might turn out to be the his ultimate downfall and I could see it happening now. He look likely to leave in the summer, for which I'm pretty sure.

The board is in a mess and you don't really know who's in charge of Chelsea anyway. Who buy the players and who picked Ballack & Sheva? It's like two huge egos going against each other in that Portugese schemer and that once a red always a red Peter Kenyon.

Downfall, surely?


8ball said...

Disgraceful. Theres no place for things like this in football.

And, i wouldnt mind not seeing Mourinhos smug face in the EPL again.

BTW, great blog, keep it up mate. :)

psychohare said...
watch that interview on MOurOnho...
he is absolutely hilarious... he prolly cant find any more excuses... poor interviewer >.<


8ball: Thanks! Well, it seemed to always happen right. Diving..cheating..boxing..windmilling (ha ha).