Saturday, January 13, 2007

Hornets vs Reds Preview

Ah, here we go again. After getting spanked for the previous 2 games by Arsenal, how will Liverpool and it's players react? It's a known psychology fact that after a setback, one will either face it head on with courage or give up. So today's result will be pretty dependent on how Liverpool players will react to the defeats. Painful they are, but we all move on and the players need to as well.

With us being out of all domestic cups, it's hard to think we're left with the Champions League and the Premiership, with the latter being totally out of our ways. But now we could really focus on this 2 competitions as the squad starts to thin down to bare bones in the midfield area.

When it's not your day, it definitely isn't. Mark Gonzalez and Luis Garcia both stretchered off and Garcia is out for 6months while Gonzo will be back in time with Momo.

Facing Watford away from home will be a difficult task. There'll be people out there who say 'Watford? Confirm win one, lah!'. But I'll say 'your head!'. It's always difficult playing against newly promoted teams who are full of determination to make their point and with us playing poorly for the last 2 games, surely they'll feel they stand a chance.

Drogballs' Prediction: Watford 1-2 Liverpool. It'll be a tight game and Watford will look to unsettle Liverpool. But I believe the players will bounce back from their disappointments to put up a show just good enough to beat the Hornets.

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