Saturday, January 20, 2007

Reds vs Blues Preview

It's that time of the year again. The over-hyped 'Grand Slam Weekend' is here with Liverpool vs Chelsea and Arsenal vs United on Sunday. I think most Liverpool fan will have to agree with me that we're pretty sick playing Chelsea every few months but always losing out unluckily, especially the last visit to Stamford Bridge which we played pretty well until Drogba's special was enough to see us off.

It's depressing to say that in the Rafa vs Jose battle, Mourinho's record is 5-0 if you count the league and if Liverpool really wants to take a step up to be among the big boys, this is the perfect chance.

Chelsea will have their custodian, Petr Cech, back for this game in his rugby scrum cap This is definitely a boost to Chelsea's defence, which hasn't been as watertight as it used to be in recent weeks due to the absence of both Terry and Cech.

But they will miss out on Claude Makalele due to suspension which means Jon Obi Mikel will deputise. Cashley Hole......Ashley Cole returns to the side after serving his suspension while Andiry Shevchenko is doubtful because we don't know whether he's really injured, Jose doesn't fancy him or he's throwing a hissy fit.

So, will we start the 3 pronged attack with Crouch, Bellamy and Kuyt? Or will Rafa revert back to his conservative 4-4-2 picking either of them. I personally hope we have a go at Chelsea because we're at home and we must come out and attack Chelsea. The 3-4-3 formation will be a risky one but sometimes, risk must be taken.

Drogballs' Prediction: Liverpool 1-0 Chelski. A optimistic prediction from a fan of course. With Cech still lacking match practice and raw while missing out on Terry and Makalele, perhaps we'll have a chance. Come on Reds!


psychohare said...

1-0 is a good call...
i would really hope and pray that we can catchup to 2nd place asap...

8ball said...

I dont think we could find a better time to play the chavs tbh, with terry out, and even if Cech is back, this will be his first game back, and he most probaby will be a bit rusty.

I'm going to go for 2-1. Riise & Gerrard. I really hope Gerrard has a blinder today, and what better a match to prove he is the best midfielder in the world.