Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Rich Will Get Richer...


While the most expensive thing in the Premiership in years to come won't be Andriy Shevchenko's right foot or Jan Vanegoor of Hesselink's Celtic jersey but surviving in the Premiership itself. Reportedly, the Premier League has signed a lucrative deal in which clubs will now look to secure deals that will put 60% more money into their coffers in years to come starting next season.

Crowned champions will not only get the glory, but also the money. This is how money has start to stamp it's dominance and importance in football itself. The pot of £2.725billion will be shared among the clubs with the league leader winning up to £50 million while the bottom team gets £26 million. This is a far cry from last season in which Chelsea got £30 million and Sunderland, who got relegated, got £16million.

For people like us who earn peanuts compared to that deal, it's mind boggling that football has became a world-wide phenomenon in which money starts pouring in mindlessly. Footballers will get paid more and more while transfer fees will skyrocket in time to come.

As I've always believe, football is just a reflection of our society and to be honest, a very clear one. Just like the society where the rich will become richer and the poor gets poorer, giants like Chelsea and United will get even more money while the rest of the league will be left to pick up scraps left behind.

Is it a good sign? Of course not. We all love football for the passion, the skill and adrenaline on the pitch and not the external mechanics of the game. Money has turned from a cog of the footballing world's engine into the drive and motivation which makes players play. How many players can safely say they play for the love of the club rather than earning a living.

The impact of the deal is yet to be seen. But one can say that it'll revolutionise the game in a very different way. With all the foreign investments coming in and transfer fees flying around in the air, it's hard for one to love football itself already. And before you know it, people are waving the cash in the arms and buying success. No more the days where people have to work for what they deserve.

It'll change the face of the game and we all know that with more cash, it'll only speed up one's road to glory. We all like success, cups and wins. But have we cheapen the value of it? I for one, think so. Nothing we can do, though.

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