Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Don't Take The Right To Celebrate Away

I was shocked to see this:

Fifa are poised for another crackdown on goal celebrations next season. (Various)

Since when did FIFA have the right to take away human's expression of pure joy and jubilation? Are footballers supposed to walk away wth no expression after scoring the most dramatic equaliser in football history?

To me, there are many things on the pitch itself that needs the attention of FIFA more than how Wayne Rooney cups his ears or Gary Neville doing the sex-wee in front of the fans. Football is a game of passion and adrenaline. In the heat of moment, things happen, foul language spilled and emotions poured fourth. Are the players supposed to contain all of them because they're not allowed to? Load of b*llocks there.

Even though they're paid like supreme beings, they're still human beings after all. It's a natural reaction of humans to celebrate, scream and shout when they are being hit by the emotional rollercoaster.

No matter what happens, FIFA can't take away the emotions of human away. We'll all continue to be passionate. I can think of better ways for them to improve the game and if you're interested, then mail me. I'll assign task for you.


Ace Cowboy said...

Welcome to American sports, where fun has been discontinued.


So there's no celebration allowed for American sports? Hmm..