Monday, February 12, 2007

Drogballs' Weekly Thoughts

The Good Gets Better

With the exception of my beloved Liverpool, the 3 of the 'Big 4' won this weekend. United brushed a spirited Charlton aside but goal fest that's promised at Old Trafford just didn't happen.

Whereas Chelsea thrashed bogey team, Middlesbrough 3-0 at home. Reasonably simple fixture for them while Arsenal only merely managed to beat Wigan. The Latics gone ahead with Danny Landzaat's long range effort but were unable to hold on to the lead after Fitz Hall scored an own goal while Tomas Rosicky finished it off predictably.

Meanwhile, Liverpool lost at Newcastle with lady luck tucked in the heavy clouds at Tyneside. Now, they'll have to concentrate on the UEFA Champions League game against Barcelona. Away from the rainy Newcastle and down to Portugal where the sun always shine.

Bolton kept up with pace with the Champions League place after defeating Fulham 2-1 while surprise package of the season, Reading, continue their fantastic form with a dominant 2-0 win over Aston Villa. It's always nice to see the black horse doing so well.

The Poor Gets Worst

Well, always not very nice to write about this part because I personally hate to criticise teams. But honestly, Spurs and West Ham can't escape from them because to me, they're beyond poor. It's mind boggling poor. How can a team like Spurs ended up with 6 games without wins? The lost at Sheffield United caused some Tottenham fans to start questioning Martin Jol. The Spurs faithful have been pretty supportive of the Dutch coach but in recent times, the results have dipped while Jol could only watch at the sidelines.

And every week's featured team, West Ham United. I have a soft spot for them as I've mentioned but I can't help but laugh at them sometimes. Does a rich owner gives you the divine right to stay in the Premiership? No. But some players just played as if they're 'too good to go down'. Remember the last time the Hammers went down? They told themselves the same thing. And looked what happened.

Losing to Watford at Upton Park is just unbelievable. If they want to stay up, it's the most they can do to beat these so called 'inferior' teams. Looking at their run ins, it's going to be a long journey down for Alan Curbishley. United and Chelsea just weeks away.

The Hammers fan now starts to turn their anger on captain, Nigel Reo-Coker, who have been a shadow of his former self this season and to them, it's a disgrace. Players like Harewood and Zamora are fielded and prance around without much effort while committed player like Carlos Tevez was left on the bench.

Oh and, Lucas Neill. Again, I don't know whether to laugh or cry. All the best with your fat wallet.


psychohare said...

West Ham... HAHAHAHAHAHA! i really pity Curby... although im not sure who's at fault, but considering how close the scorelines were when they lost recently... i believe West Ham players are the ones that lack the fighting spirit.
Spurs... just one Carrick less and they are in shambles.... HAHAHAAHAHAH
Poor Tevez... he probably wont ever get to have much playing chance in West Ham... coz he belongs to a rival bidding owner (at that time)... poor thing... if Liverpool werent taken over, i wouldnt mind him...
boohoohoo, cant wait for summer!


Tevez? Not so sure about him but we could try. It's going to be a busy summer for Liverpool.

Curbishley sounded like a defeatist after that lost. He said 'they' instead of 'we'. Is he not part of it? Well, think the Hammers might need a miracle.