Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Stop Asking For Opinions

Managers are appointed to manage and organise a group a players. But for England's case, it's the other way round.

England manager, Steve McClaren will reportedly hold a 'crisis meeting' with the England senior players. And the point being, to ask for opinions from the 5 'senior players' including captain, John Terry and vice captain, Steven Gerrard.

This is something that I've never heard of. A manager asking the players who they want the team to play. Well, then you could very well pick the Tom, Dicks and Harrys off the street for the England job since all you need to do is to listen to players like Lampard go on about how the team should be build around him or Rio on how be the first to celebrate the goal with his team mate although he should be in the other part of the pitch.

Questioning McClaren's decision to consult the senior players is one thing. But you've got to wonder how much power these players hold in the national team. Player power comes to mind and perhaps, some of the players are never called up despite their form down to the fact that these senior players don't recommend them to be in the manager.

Now, who's the boss?

National team players should be called up base on merits and current form. The manager will have to pick the best players and organise them to play in a system that he sees fit. I don't think a manager should go around asking players for advice as to how he should play them, the tactics and systems or perhaps even who to call up for the national team.

It might be a reason why the English team underachieved throughout the years. There isn't someone there to make sure he's the boss and he picks the team. Now it seemed like the team is full of big time charlies and giving suggestions to the boss which might be a decision that gives him the advantage.

Next point is, why are there even this band of 5 whom are branded as 'senior players'? We know they are the core of the team. But does that send out a wrong signal to them that they're undroppable or in Mourinho's term, 'Untouchables'?

Once again, you have to question whether the national team is picked base on performance or purely on their reputation.

Appointed a manager, be a manager. Pick the players and system and organise them to play them the way you want them to. The internal politics makes this sort of 'senior players' talk useless. If England wants to move on, the player power have to go. Sort it out.

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