Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Should We Go For Eto'o?

I know, moneybags and all. We've just been taken over by the Americans and Rafa will have some quids to spend. Now it seemed like fans like us are making sure we sound like kids going on a Christmas shopping.

Why Eto'o, you ask. If you're not aware, he seemed to have fallen out with Frank Rijkaard again and it's of course, not the first time the Cameroon international got himself on the Dutchman's bad books.

What happened was during Barca's 2-0 win over Racing Santander, Eto'o was supposed to make a cameo appearance late in the game. But despite Rijkaard's call for him to stop the warm up and get change for the match, he ignored and continued his warm up.

Then predictably, Rijkaard went ballistic on the national media while superstar, Ronaldinho, also came out to criticise Eto'o.

We all know what Eto'o is about and his goal scoring record is second to none in Spain as it is in Europe. When we got drawn with Barcelona in the Champions League Last 16, my worry was not Ronaldinho or Messi but instead, Eto'o was the one. He's the one that scores all the goals and a very complete player.

Due to his long lay-off, Barcelona seemed to struggle a little in the Spanish La Liga and also failed to bring the World Club Championship back to the Nou Camp. It's easy to see his impact among the team that's full of superstars and big name players.

He can be the answer to Liverpool fan's prayer for the '20 goals a season striker'. He's pretty similar to Michael Owen in some ways with pace to burn and also the power. His finishing quality is unquestionable but there's one thing that might detract him from being at Anfield next season.

His attitude. Rafa always buys the player that he thinks is committed to the club and the team. He doesn't like superstar players that form the nucleus of the team. He wants the team to work as one and play for the love and passion of the game instead of for money or pride.

With Eto'o's volatile attitude, it might seem unlikely that Rafa will consider the Cameroonian into his plans. He will be a very good signing and no doubt, bring quality to the side. But still, his character is questionable and there might be a inconsistency in Rafa's policy with players.

Recommended signings would be perhaps Middlesbrough's Aiyegbeni Yakubu or Ajax's Jan-Klaas Huntelaar. There might be more names but it just slipped off my mine right now. And what do you think? Share it!


psychohare said...

i sound like an idiot, but i wouldnt mind if Owen came back... i doubt that he would fit into the squad rotation system though...
David Villa! Torres! bring in the Spanish imports then... Eto'o is good, but there is 100% chance hes not leaving Barca... no chance at all imo...


To me, if Rafa's at helm, no way is Owen going to come back to Anfield. Neither will I welcome him back with open arms. I think he's betrayed us once and sorry, no forgiveness in this one.

David Villa reportedly don't like Liverpool and I don't think he'll come because of his price tag as well as his contract, which was signed recently. Torres is too over-rated in my opinion and scored only 3 goals in open play this season. He was substituted on against England but I didn't see him doing anything apart from a decent cross.

And why won't Eto'o not leave Barcelona? I think he'll move sooner or later.

siren said...

Eto'o is a price catch man. Look at what happened to Barca in the first few games when Eto'o was injured. His goal scoring instincts are impeccable.

Since Pool has the moneybags now (heehee) Rafa should definitely set sights on the Barca hitman.

psychohare said...

to be honest, i wouldnt mind Eto'o, but will Barca sell such an indispensable player? i seriously doubt so, and Barca currently are so-called the best team currently... why would he leave Barca for Liverpool? If he wants a new challenge, i certainly wouldnt mind him, he's one of those rare complete strikers in the world right now.

i've been thinking, but what about an Italian striker? Italian strikers are in a very sad situation, in those days when Italy had most of the world's most clinical strikers... it's so tough to score in the defensive-minded and tactically stressed world of Italian football... strikers must take their chances, coz they cant afford to miss many... I think Italian strikers can do the job, but i cant think of any particular striker other than Toni (and hes old too)

this is tough... i really dunno if any super strikers are available for transfer... i dont want any English strikers... none of them seem to be able to reach the standard of world class... well other than those in the top 4 teams... Rafa, please work your magic!

Elia said...

Eto'o or Villa would be a great addition to the club.I agree Torres is a bit overrated.Barca will do one of three things with Eto'o 1.keep um,2.Sell him to raise cash to make a serious push for Ronaldo or 3.they will try and persuade United to take um with cash for Ronaldo.
my 2 cents

BTW nice banner haven't been on in a while



Siren: Heard Arsenal might be interested in him. So he's coming to England after all but to London instead of Liverpool!

Psychohare: Why not? Didn't United sell their so called prize possession in van Nistelrooy? Look at them now. To me, there are no players that is worth the tag of indispensable because if you can't work as a team, then there's absolutely no point in keeping you. In Eto'o's case, he seemed to be a prima donna and it's something that will spoil the team's morale and unity.

elia: Hey, long time since I've heard from you. I think they'll go head on with Real for Ronaldo that's for sure.

psychohare said...

i guess, u're right, anything can happen in football, after all i didnt expect Ruud to leave mancs... but he still did...
considering the bad atmosphere between Barca and Eto'o now... this is probably the best time to buy him... i hope Rafa does get the right man...
Huntelaar came to my mind as well... he seems to be a good goalscorer with a goood record, but not as good as Kuyt's, and he plays in the Dutch league... so im not too sure about him...