Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Getting To Know Our New Owner

Extracted from RAWK.com:

What do you hope to achieve with Liverpool Football Club?

George Gillett: We had the privilege of spending some time last night with Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher and they delivered us the message. They are all about winning and all about the passion from the fans. They asked us three specific questions:

They wanted continuity of management with David and Rick. They have enormous regard for them. They also spoke extremely warmly about Rafa and made us aware that they feel this man is truly one of the great geniuses in the recent history of the sport. They wanted to communicate to us the feeling from the dressing room was of great respect for the management team.

Secondly, they wanted to talk about players and to encourage us to support Rick and Rafa's efforts in building the team.

They were also clear with their views on the stadium. They made us aware the sound, the energy and the passion that Anfield provides needs to be incorporated into the design of the new stadium.

They were the three messages they wanted us to hear and we heard them loud and clear.

Did you understand what Jamie Carragher was saying?

George Gillett: We did! He's definitely a scouser, that's for sure. The first thing the two players did was give us their shirts with a nice message so that was a special moment for us.

I'm sure he don't understand Carra, I'm sure.... And the monumental moment in Liverpool Football Club's long history is about to unfold. Sit tight and hang on!


Ace Cowboy said...

As a Yank myself, I say bring in the American blood!


:D Anything to comment about this two tycoons?

Ace Cowboy said...

I tried to post a longer comment but somehow it didn't go through...

Anyway, Hicks is the dumbass that gave Alex Rodriguez #252 million when nobody was offering him nearly that much. So at least you know he'll spend to get players, and talented players at that. To his credit, his Dallas Stars did win a championship and have been very competitive for a while.

George Gillet, I gotta say I know very little about him, and he appears to be the main guy here. So who knows...but I have a feeling they're gonna do what it takes.

the Brits have to be weary about the fact that two of the top four are now owned by Americans. They must feel like Americans in the 80s with Japan knocking on the door!

psychohare said...

u gotta admit, all the money is in the US! compare how much MLB players, NBA players, NFL players, NHL players earn... way above what European based football players earn... they know how to earn tons of money, and also produce great teams at the same time, money dude... it's about time the US took interest in football.
i hope we can get a MLS feeder team. if im not wrong there are like 7 millions kids playing football in the US right now, and it's definitely the sport that's gaining alot of popularity among the youth here.
and im sure they didnt understand Carra, or maybe Carra said it in the most understandable manner. LOL! Carra and Gerrard, best leaders for Liverpool!


Yea, I've heard of Hicks buying a very expensive player who flopped I think? Well, at least he had the balls to do it. Gillett is the one who actually filed bankruptcy before.

It wouldn't surprise me that we will have a MLS feeder team. Sounds like the Americans are joining in the fun now with Beckham going over and stuff.

psychohare said...

A.Rod is not a flop, not sure if he was a flop with Texas Rangers... but hes definitely one of the most high profile players in NY Yankees... i have not much interest in baseball, but i know hes damn good.