Friday, February 09, 2007


Liverpool midfielder Javier Mascherano has already put his foot in it at Anfield - by saying he now considers himself a Red Devil!

The Argentine World Cup star is still waiting for clearance to make his debut, having joined from West Ham on deadline day last week.

But he's already caused a storm by referring to the Kop kings as the Red Devils, the nickname of course of bitter rivals Manchester United.

He told The S*n: "I have disconnected myself from West Ham and signed a contract with Liverpool.

"I can consider myself a Red Devil. It's now just up to the Premier League to authorise me to play, something I believe should happen because it was they who made the appeal to FIFA to allow me to move clubs. I hope the situation is resolved as soon as possible."
Firstly, never call us the Red Devil. Read up the bloody history book or even have a heart to go and read Wikipedia!

Secondly, don't EVER speak to The S*n. Speak to them again and you'll most probably end up like Graeme Souness. Great player but nobody gave a sh*t about him after he sells his story to The S*n.

Hope you learn your lesson!

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