Saturday, April 07, 2007

Everyone Loves Mickey

The poll has officially ended and the conclusion is...

Majority of you still wants to see Michael Owen don the red jersey once again despite his 'foolishness' and being misled. Well, that's a good thing of course, being forgiving and all. Liverpool fans are reknown for being a little touchy, nostalgic and emotional so I'm not at all surprised by the result.

Cheers and thank you for voting!


Premiership goals and streams said...

I believe you guys need to forget him, 40 milions to spend...not him
To me only diference beetwen Liverpool,Manu,Chelsea,Arsenal is that Liverpool still doesnt have killer striker, I would go for Huntellar,or Rud van type of player.
Kuyt is great, really great player for me (great stamina btw) but hes to much of team player.You need someone who can score more that 20+ in 1 Premiership season, and Owen is to much away at the moment for me if you understand.


I'm one of those who voted no because I feel we need to move on and since he has already left us with a bitter taste in our mouth, no point bringing him back. He left on a different circumstance compared to Fowler and I think we should not even lay our eyes on him.

Kuyt is more of a attacking midfielder that plays between the lines and therefore, yes, we need a goal poacher. It's hard to find nowadays due to the evolution of tactics but I feel Rafa will be able to find the right man.

RedsMan said...

Oh, I say we use Kuyt as much as if not more, he has proven himself a whorkhorse and this was his first season, where many with higher reputations have taken longer to adjust. With Crouch and Kuyt, Bellamy know needs to step up further and look to cement his career with LFC and score goals. It's his first too at Anfield and I'm looking for him to increase on his contribution next season, pre-season even.

But I must say that I find the Michael Owen poll hard to take in. for me he left us in the lurch when he sniffed interest elsewhere, it is a long story but it served him right. I dont blame him for going because we were in dire straits as to what we were doing to alleviate ourselves as the Reds of old, but it was the matter. Then to pitifully cry out for us to sign him, LFC priced out and then signing for the same club he said he would only go to on loan smacks of desperation.

This is one time he cannot have his cake and eat it. To have made comments to Eriksson who then sold him out shows what comes around goes around. I say no, never again to Owen returning.