Thursday, April 05, 2007

Hear, Hear

You know, I'm beginning to hate going to Soccernet because they're so boring and their editorials are, not much better. Came across this article saying how Liverpool still won't be successful despite the reported 40million warchest.

I'm not a blinkered Liverpool fan saying that we'll win the treble next season with that money, don't worry. I'm just aghast as to how these people in the press got the digits and figures from. 40 million? Since when and where did Rafa, Hicks or Gillett mention the amount of money?

As usual, number plucked out of nowhere. I did see Rafa predicting a bright future and there's a meeting between the leaders but I've not seen ANY figures released or out of the mouth of anyone.

And to use a number that plucked out of nowhere to write an article about how Liverpool still won't be successful is just lazy journalism and a little myopic.

Alan Hansen once said 'you can't win anything with kids' with a touch of myopia and ignorance and the former Liverpool great's quote has been used and reused for various reasons. It also shows the unpredictability of football and does the writer dare say that he put Man United as favourites for this season's title?

Does he have a crystal ball?

For me, that 40 million is just a random number generated by the papers and I do not believe it exists. I know Rafa will be granted money to bid for certain players but I doubt he's a big spender and go on to thrash the money around. The owners are certainly aware of that.

Money might run the league now and 40million might not be enough for the writer to win cups in Championship Manager/Football Manager but hey, it's Rafa at helm. It didn't take him too much money to overthrow Barcelona and Real Madrid, eh?


psychohare said...

i read that article yesterday...
"It's arguable that Benitez has been living off that Champions League final victory, with little progress since." absolute Bull SHIT... last season we had our highest point tally in YEARS, and we won the FA Cup... in case the author didnt realize, the current Liverpool team is almost reaching it's completion.

o well... that article was totally anti-Liverpool, while Paul Tomkins' latest article stated all the right things once again, man i hope he gets better and better, so he can continue to inspire us with his writings.

Elia said...

I look at it from another point of view.."Reds cash injection won't guarantee success"...As the title to the article reads.It is true that money doesn't guarantee success.

Liverpool have a great mid field which can rival any club.How did we get that mid field? RAFA...anyways I'm too drunk to keeep typing I'll comment later when i sober up :)



Yea but the article is almost as if writing us off for next season as well. Of course money can't guarantee anything but with more money, there'll be more possibility.

prash said...

wow elia thats an excellent comment while being drunk!!haha

the biggest bullshit was that "liverpool went backwards".i think we r definately a better team now n we r playing better football especially with mash in the team now.we really look like in control.

just that sometimes rafa pays to much attention to details n it backfires.

J said...

but then i think paying attention to details is how we can overcome our previous problems and mistakes
there's no use in buying off our problems.

you have to get stuck in hte nitty gritty bits and fix what's wrong.
and for that i commend Rafa.

i think okay, so money in can buy us "good" players who are worth a lot. but ultimately, no matter how great that player is, tehy have to work with hte rest of the team and so the key is to get a player who is a team player who can mesh with the current/remaining squad.

you gotta be able to read ur teammates reactions so i don't want a revamped squad. i want one or 2 additions then when they're settled, then you add anohter or keep it that way.

chucking in a bunch of new players together might result in the uncoordinated team-work of say, England.

so yes. Money doesn't buy success, not always. and besides, i would'nt want liverpool to win just coz they bought their way in.
i want it to be from SKILL~ ^_^ and faith.

anwyays, i read an article saying that Rafa wants contracts for top players fixed up before the end of the season. and top of the list being Stevie, Xabi and Jamie~

does this mean that Xabi is defintely NOT leaving at all? =D =D
coz tehre has been a few transfer rumours surrounding him. =(


I have never thought Xabi is going to leave anyway...Rafa admires him and we know it.

J said...

yeah, but you have to admit barca is a very tempting club. and didn't his father play there? and there's always speculation about when xabi is returning to la liga.

mmm, but for now, i'll be happy coz it seems like he's not leaving =D
heheh. yeah, rafa likes him coz he's one of hte biggest investments he's made (and he pays off too! =P! Rafa's got a good eye in these things ^_^)

RedsMan said...

I simply ignore such reports - we all remember Andy Gray's famous, or indeed infamous, words during the European Cup final...."That's game, well and truly over", after AC Milan's third goal. The rest is now history and he had to eat humble pie.

Then again early in the season, I think after the defeat at Stamford Bridge, he said Liverpool well out of the title thing you know we crept into four or third and then we were all of a sudden associated with the title chase.

Pundits and presenters and the like always talk fast, and long and they never consider how things can change in a moment in football. It's like they dont wish for LFC to rise up and conquer again, after they have long shot down our chances in the future from way back when Man Utd and Arsenal began winning things.

All I sense is:

1) Rafa is the man for us, no doubt and to those amongst us who dobut his managerial prowess to rethink that opinion again. There is at this moment no other manager for us.

2) If the likes of Xabi Alonso are required to stay, Rafa will make that clear and endeavour they remain so. No doubt.

3) While others amongst us look to doubt the likes of Kuyt, Bellamy, Crouch, Pennant, Gonzalez, Paletta, I sense Rafa is so shrewd in his plans and tactics that he knows when a player is or is not right and he will play them where he strongly feels they can produce their best. A bit of time, we have to be patient.

All in all, I ignore reports and/or comments that say this and that. I take games one at a time, like Rafa, and support the side through thick and thin.

One final note: funny how the tie with Barca was deemed one we were sure to lose, officially or otherwise, yet once we came through it the PSV tie was then said to be a kind draw for us. So it's either we are going out or we get an easy draw, when do the applause reign supreme and sincere for us??